Helpful Senior Tips

Every single year, a large group of kids finally step out of their schools for the very last time as students. Senior year is one used to make all kinds of choices and memories. It’s important to treat the year with seriousness but while still having fun. As a senior myself, it’s easy for me to pick apart my final year in high school, so now I will pass my knowledge down for the younger students awaiting their turn to graduate. This is my guide to survive senior year.

First of all, I’d like to address the biggest issue you will face in your final year of high school. Senioritis. This overwhelming sense of laziness and feeling like you don’t have a care in the world can be disastrous. Senior Max McCoy is affected by senioritis, he states that “it’s hard for me to really care about school anymore, I just want to be done.” It is important to keep up with your homework and classes because colleges still look at senior year grades. They don’t just disappear, so be careful and don’t get too lazy, I know it’s tough.

My second tip is take as many dual credit courses as possible. Trust me, college is very expensive. These classes are much cheaper and probably a little easier to take in high school rather than college if you have the chance. Derek Eitzmann, a freshman in College says “dual credit at Lincoln Lutheran is a great opportunity to get easy classes done early, they really help.” In the end it means less money you have to spend in the next four or so years of your life and you will definitely thank your past self for the effort put in this year.

One of the biggest tips is to have fun. Don’t get overly caught up in grades, you’re only at this stage in life once so do everything you possible can. Play sports, hang our with friends, get out and see new places, just have fun. Dylan Brockhaus agrees completely with this philosophy. Being a three sport athlete for most of his high school career, he states “playing sports is a great way to get away from work, have some fun, and meeting new people.” Even though grades are important, so is taking a break from school work and getting out and doing something like seeing a movie with friends or just playing video games or a pick up game of soccer. Small activities like this will keep you sane in the mere four quarters that lie between you and the rest of your life. Don’t take everything so serious.

Lastly, be prepared to write a lot of scholarship essays along with all of your homework. Planning for college is a lot of work and it is quite expensive. All three of my interviewees have gone through these processes. Eitzmann suggests “get scholarship essays done as soon as possible, they’re very helpful when it comes to paying for college.” Dylan adds on to say “even though writing essays aren’t fun, it’s practically free money so write as many as you can.” Also, a good tip is to get a couple of teachers to write you letters of recommendations pretty early in the school year. They get busier as the year goes on so the earlier the better.

Senior year of high school is supposed to be a year full of memories and new experiences. This is some of my best advice to make the year fun for you as well as go smoothly. It’s so easy to get caught up with senioritis, trust me, I know. But you need to keep pushing to have a successful year. If you keep all of these tips in mind, I think you’ll have a great last year!

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