Food Fight!

Food Fight!
Students at LL Fight Against Hunger

By: Hayley Steinbauer


On October 12th, Lincoln Lutheran kicked off its annual food drive. Through the rest of October, parents, students, and faculty of LL will being donating nonperishable items to the Lincoln Food Bank. Since 2014, the Food Bank of Lincoln has partnered with the People’s City Mission to help host a six-week student-led food drive.
The competition involves ten high schools in the Lincoln area that are divided into two categories: the large division and small division. Those schools that collect the most pounds of food within their division win a giant silver fork trophy and bragging rights. According to the Food Bank website, last year the food drive “collected 36,298 pounds and $4,169.60 for a grand total of 38,518 meals!” Lincoln Lutheran won the small division in 2015, but lost to Malcolm the following year by only a couple of pounds.
This year the Food Bank hopes to get 10 high schools, 40,000 pounds of food and $5,000 that will equate to more than 48,000 meals. The contest gets more students involved in their communities and also helps the many families and individuals in Lincoln who struggle to keep food on the table.
Penny, a single mother who works multiple jobs to support her daughters, expresses her gratitude for the Food Bank.
“‘Since I had my first child, I promised myself that each time they opened the refrigerator they would never see it empty… the Food Bank has been outstanding,’” Penny said.
To encourage participation, Student Council and National Honors Society at Lincoln Lutheran are heading up two contests within the school. One is for the Access/AP class that collects the most pounds of food per student. The other is the class that builds the most creative, unique sculpture with the food that is collected. The winning classes get a food prize of their choosing and will get to pick a menu item for hot lunch. Becca Ziems, vice-president of Student Council, says she “hopes these prizes will give students and faculty the incentive to bring food.”

The Food Bank will accept any non-perishable food: canned vegetables, peanut butter, cereal, oatmeal, and fruit juice. “I always go to Aldi’s to buy canned vegetables in bulk,” Kayla Steinbauer, a Sophomore at Lincoln Lutheran added. They also ask for personal care items, such as toilet paper, diapers, soap, shampoo, and toothbrushes. For a longer list of possible items visit the Food Bank website at
The Lincoln Lutheran drive ends on October 28th giving students ample time to ravage through their can drawers, ask their neighbors for extra cans, and buy food/products in bulk. If you are not a student, feel free to drop off your donations by the front office in the plastic blue bins. Your donations will work towards our school total and will make a difference in the lives of those that are struggling to make ends meet.