Gun Control

May 6, 2016 Jon Green 0

In the last few years, violence has become more prevalent in our society. One thing that is being pushed pretty aggressively to combat the violence […]


He Shoots, He Scores!

April 8, 2016 Jon Green 0

Spring sports are in full swing and with various different activities offered at Lincoln Lutheran, it is hard to look at all of the highlights […]

No Picture

Freaky Fast Internet

March 31, 2016 Jon Green 0

Our society today is constantly changing, becoming faster and faster, so why shouldn’t the internet replicate the pace of world? For years, a common complaint […]


Seasonal Tunes

March 21, 2016 Jon Green 0

With the seasons turning and the sun seeming to shine brighter, it’s time to look ahead a few months. Summer is rapidly approaching and along […]

Norwiegen people

New Opportunities

March 1, 2016 Jon Green 0

Every year at Lincoln Lutheran students get a chance to learn about another culture from three Norwegian exchange students. Three seniors come every year to […]