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Let’s Talk Indie

May 8, 2016 Nolan Schad 4

Little known fact, Ben Downing has been speaking the English language for 98.1% of his life. Because it isn’t his first language, Ben often faces […]


Gun Control

May 6, 2016 Jon Green 0

In the last few years, violence has become more prevalent in our society. One thing that is being pushed pretty aggressively to combat the violence […]


Local NE Bands

May 4, 2016 Haley Wineman 0

When people think of musical hotspots around America, many of them would not think of Nebraska. Although, Nebraska is home to and attracts many well […]


Unsafe Uber

April 8, 2016 Haley Wineman 0

The rate of people in cities and suburbs getting around town by the use of apps such as Uber and Lyft instead of regular taxis […]

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Freaky Fast Internet

March 31, 2016 Jon Green 0

Our society today is constantly changing, becoming faster and faster, so why shouldn’t the internet replicate the pace of world? For years, a common complaint […]

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