Allegiant: A Major Letdown


March 18, 2016 the action packed movie Allegiant premiered. Based off of the trilogy written by Veronica Roth, Allegiant is the final book in the series. Those going for  a good movie could have found some enjoyment but fans of the books were left thoroughly disappointed. If you were like me you were let down by Divergent, disappointed by Insurgent so by the time Allegiant came around you had very low expectations. Not only did they not include crucial details and cut out main characters but they completely left the original plot for some cheesy hollywood version. If that wasn’t enough, they had the audacity to split the final movie into two parts, a move done by iconic movies such as Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One and Two and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts One and Two. First of all, the director kept the titles the same not changing the genius work done by the author. The final movie in the Divergent Series will be called Ascendant, leaving book fans with no expectations because that title is nonexistent in the book world, setting the stage for failure.

Now that you know there is nothing to look forward to, let’s get into the logistics of what made this move so excruciating. One of the biggest problems was the futuristic effects. They made it look like the actors were in a video game, floating around in giant bubbles and magical walls appearing and disappearing out of nowhere. They also somehow seemed to develop skills immediately as they needed them which is a major contradiction to the training process in the first movie that took several weeks and yet, some still could not even master basic tasks such as, shooting a gun. However, now they can run up walls, run high level security surveillance and fly airplanes. The pilot skills are the most impressive considering moments before a character stated “What’s an airplane?”

If you were a fan of any character besides Tris, Tobias, Caleb, Peter or Christina that’s unfortunate because they did not make the cut. You may be wondering how they work those characters together since they all want to kill each other but, don’t worry they have extremely high trust levels. Yes Caleb betrayed his sister but that doesn’t seem to matter. Tris killed Christina’s boyfriend but hey that was a whole two movies ago! Peter tried to kill them all in Divergent and again in Insurgent but obviously people change so he can come along. He sticks with what he knows and betrays them all in the end, thank goodness we have another movie to see their forgiveness once more. How does Tobias fit into this plot line you may ask, that’s a great question. When he’s not shooting random things, he is taking a shower. Somehow they worked in three shower scenes for him and none for anyone else.

Don’t get me wrong this was a very enjoyable experience, for all the wrong reasons. Somehow they worked an action movie into a pretty bad comedy. Once I got home I googled the reviews, making sure my critical side wasn’t being too overpowering. I was not disappointed the ratings were 15%. If you didn’t even hear about the premiere of the forsaken movie, it was probably for good reason. And if you had any hope for this movie after the ending of Insurgent, I promise you after you see Allegiant your hope will be dead for this series. I won’t be anxiously anticipating the premier of Ascendant or waste ten dollars seeing it in theater. I’ll wait and pay my dollar to red box for another two hours of some solid comedy.

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