Annual Blue Angels Dance Show

Each year, the Lincoln Lutheran’s Blue Angels Dance Team hosts a dance show for entertainment and pure fun. The performers range from five year old girls to eighteen year old boys. Elementary schools also come and perform their perfected dances in front of the large crowd that comes to watch. Two students, Casey DeBusk and Kali Dubas, have agreed that they both “enjoy watching it”.

Luke Hamann was one of the 15 senior boys to perform this year in the annual “Blue Ice” dance. This is one of the show’s highlights every year, where the boys dress up in fun dance costumes and perform a routine in front of the crowd. Luke said that his favorite things about performing was “the costumes, the crazy dance moves, and having my friends by my side to be silly in front of the crowd.” Most other students love watching the boys make fools of themselves having fun, for instance Casey Debusk explained that “it was super funny to see the boys in my grade do it this year, but it’s always entertaining.”

Students of all ages come and watch the show, including Leah Stevens, who danced in the show as a little girl. The dance team has a dance clinic for little girls to learn a routine to perform at the show. She remembers dancing in the show “when [she] was younger, it was a lot of fun.” The elementary school girls enjoy performing at the “big girls” dance show each year for their loving friends and family. The little kids are another highlight of the show and Casey thinks that “the little kids are cute to watch.”

Everything that was included in the show makes up the best entertainment of the year. From costumes to poms and makeup and sweat, the Blue Angels Dance Show is always a success. Teams, students, and boys make up a great night to remember every year for Lincoln Lutheran.

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