Another Round of Road Work



Roads and their conditions affect nearly every one of Lincoln’s 270,000 citizens. A recent poll taken by ABC news reports that around 47% of Americans say that their driving conditions are bad, a large factor in these results would be road conditions. Road conditions are anything from: the pavement, traffic, adaptation to the weather and road work. Each one of these affecting drivers in slightly different ways. The conditions of the pavement directly affects the health of the cars on the street. Traffic, on the other hand affects the mental health of drivers. The adaptation of the streets to the weather affects the physical safety of drivers, passengers and even pedestrians.

Road work, on the other hand, is a big contributor to the current and future status of the road conditions in Lincoln, NE. As of March 28,  there are 24 major street closures and 13 minor street closures with anything from: lane widening, lane reconstruction, pavement repair, and reconstruction water mains. Some of the larger being located on N 27 from Cornhusker to Vine and S 56 from Old Cheney to Shadow Pines, that ladder starting in April 2015 and wouldn’t be completed until late May of this year. These road closures affect the commutes of numerous people slowing their normal routes or sometimes even changing the route all together, which could lead to the congestion of more streets.

This may seem like the city is consumed with and constrained by the road work. It will improve the flow and cadence of traffic in the years to come by redirecting traffic in a more efficient way and improving the pavement and overall health of vehicles.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the country as a whole seems to agree, as 91% of Americans say that the road work though maybe a nuisance will improve the roads and that it is infact important. The center for Michigan also reported that they would be for increasing taxes to fix roads specifically potholes. This shows how important roads are to the daily commuter and how much they dislike potholes. This frustration is a feeling that most Lincoln drivers could identify with.

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