Brotein Broteam

Tesoro High School

As the clock strikes 3:15 and the bell rings through the halls of Lincoln Lutheran, a group of boys march their way to the weight room to train their muscles and prepare for the upcoming seasons. These creatures crafted by the cardiovascular gods call themselves, “the brotein broteam.”

Whether training for football, soccer, volleyball, or just to stay in shape, the new trend of exercises after school is sweeping the warrior nation.

Exercise is very beneficial to a body looking to feel and perform as best as possible. The boys and girls participating in after school lifting have all different experience levels in the weight room but agree on the general consciences that it is has provided tremendous benefits to their performance. Senior Benjamin Downing explains how he “never really lifted seriously before” but as college approaches he realized that he would no longer be in sports” and would have to find alternative ways to stay active and healthy.

The guys and girls believe it is important to have a very dynamic workout of lifting and running. They workout for on average 1 hour per day then go run on the trail. “Just lifting doesn’t help you stay in shape” says senior Jon Green, “in soccer there is a lot of running so just lifting will not keep you in a good shape on the field”.

If you have never lifted before don’t be nervous. The Broteam is simply a group of high schoolers trying to maintain a high level of athleticism in the offseason and is open to anyone joining. They all work at their own pace leaving no individual pressure on the athletes.

“It is a great feeling,” remarks Nolan Schad after finishing a workout. ” I feel great, I hope it translates onto the soccer field.” Nolan shared his favorite lift to be a squat explaining how he can really push himself with high weights or take it slow and do a lightweight to just stretch his legs.

While some students may be unaware of their presence, the students who make up the lifting club after school are always working hard to get themselves into better shape and prepare for their own upcoming athletic seasons.

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