Easter Break Destinations

Veix-Goodbye-New-York-Color-1200When it comes to Easter Break at Lincoln Lutheran it’s a lot like a substitute for Spring Break, something that students dont’ get. Many people go on vacations and trips while others spend time with family and friends. For the people who leave Lincoln the destinations are endless. Jasmine Scott for example is heading down to Florida. She’s going to Orlando with her sister, mom, and nephews to go to Disney, Universal, and the beach. Usually her family all gets together in Seward, goes to church, and has dinner, but this year she’s trading all that in for a fun, sun-filled trip.

Jasmine isn’t the only person headed down to the sunny state of Florida. Junior Ellie L’Heureux is headed down the Monday after Easter to take her, “own spring break,” for an extra week. She is still spending the Easter holiday at home in Lincoln though. She’s going to spend her Easter doing traditions that have been in her family ever since she was little, like going to her Grandpa’s church where her Grandpa pins flowers to all the ladies in the family’s outfits. As for other people going away, quite a few kids from Lincoln Lutheran, eight to be exact, are going a joint-family vacation to the Big Apple. The Johnson’s, Zager’s, Bartels’, and their respective Norwegians are going on a weekend trip to New York. According to Junior Luke Bartels they’re going to spend their time “being touristy and exploring the city.” They aren’t skipping out on normal easter traditions they have at home though. They are still going to find a church to go to on Sunday, eat a big Easter brunch, and maybe even do an easter egg hunt.

On the colder side of things Senior Haley Wineman headed out earlier in the week to spend a week at Copper Mountain in Colorado. Skiing is a tradition her family used to do every Easter. After a couple year break they decided to start the tradition back up again. She says it will just be a, “chill time with her family.” Someone who is going to start participating in new traditions this Easter is Senior Kate Staab who is heading down South to the small town of Brooklyn, Mississippi to spend Easter with her boyfriend and his family. “They’re baptist so I can’t wait for the upbeat fun church service Easter Sunday and to see what kind of Easter traditions his family participates in,” says Kate.

It’s easy to say that no matter where Lincoln Lutheran students are over Easter break, they will be having a good time celebrating Christ’s death and resurrection.

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