Easter Traditions

Easter is this coming Sunday, which allows many Lincoln Lutheran students time to celebrate with family and friends. Easter is generally celebrated in the same manner for the Lincoln Lutheran community. Students, like Corbyn Trumbley, were asked how they celebrate Easter. Corbyn explained his usual Easter schedule and said he and his family, “go to the sunrise church service and then to his grandparents house.” While at his grandparents house Corbyn eats delicious breakfast casserole and watches his cousins hunt for Easter eggs.

At Lincoln Lutheran it isn’t uncommon for the students to attend the six am sunrise church service. Nick Schmeling says, “singing hymns at the sunrise service is my favorite part of Easter.” Attending sunrise service offers a different worship experience. The first sun rays of the day shine through the stain glass windows and illuminate the bright, white Easter lilies. The pastor dresses in traditional white alms and the congregation breaks out in long awaited “allelujahs”. That is the usual scene at the Lutheran churches the students attend on Easter.

Yet not all Lincoln Lutheran students celebrate this Holy Day in the same way. There are variations among the student body, and that is mainly due to the international exchange students. The students from Vietnam, Norway and Japan bring their culture and traditions and therefore how they celebrate holidays.

Marita Vigmostad is a Norwegian foreign exchange student and she said that in Norway her and her family “go to the mountains and ski all easter break. We eat chocolate eggs and oranges and after a long day of skiing we build a fire.” Marita explains that she attends church on Sunday around ten in the morning, but confesses that she had never heard of a sunrise service. Easter for Marita is about spending time with family and being in a “great mood because Jesus rose from the grave.” As Easter is approaching, the Lincoln Lutheran students have the mentality that Jesus rose from the grave, and that means celebrating with family.

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