Finishing the Season Strong: The Basketball Post-Season


The Winter sports season is slowly coming to a close. Basketball season is finally wrapping up yet again. With the end of regular basketball season comes the post-season. “Post-season has more meaning” says Sophomore basketball player Logan Kreziel. “It’s just more intense. You know that with one bad game, with one loss, your season can be over.” This answer seems to be very similar with every player on both the Lincoln Lutheran girl’s and boy’s basketball teams.

Starting this Tuesday, February 16th, the Lady Warriors team will embark on their post-season journey with a game against Malcolm. Sophomore player, Gabby Mason is pretty excited. “It’s gonna be a very competitive game, but if we can play as a unit we’ll come out with the win,” she responded after talking about Malcolm’s winning record and comments about people saying its a 50-50 game. She knows the game will be tough but knows how to stay positive in situations like that. “As a team we think about beating them, and we practice hard to be better than times we’ve lost to them before,” Mason says. This is a mindset that the team especially tries to keep when they play a team like Lincoln Christian. It would be a lie to say that the Lincoln Christian girl’s team isn’t amazing this year. They have a 22-1 record and have beaten most of the teams that they’ve played by at least 40 points. One team is excluded from this. In their second game of the season v.s. LCS at the Conference Tournament, the Lincoln Lutheran girl’s kept up with Christian and only ended up falling to them by 18 points. The Lady Warriors hope to beat out the Malcolm Clippers so they can face the LCS Crusader’s for another match-up, a game that the Warriors hope they can come out on top in.

As for the boy’s, they will begin their post-season next Tuesday, the 23rd with a game also against Malcolm. If they are to beat Malcolm on Tuesday, according the boy’s players they will most likely play Milford, followed by Columbus Scotus, both teams that they lost to earlier in the season. The Warrior boys are positive that they can beat both teams this time out. However, Junior Henry Schmidt says “I think we have a chance, better than we’ve done in years past. Our team defense has improved significantly and we’ve had less turnovers since we last played them. We also were missing a couple guys over injuries last time so I’m excited to play both teams with those guys back”. The boys hope to have an exceptional game, as good as the Wahoo game earlier this season. When asked what their favorite game was of the year, almost every boy said the Wahoo game. Schmidt, Junior Grant Johnson, and Senior Post Garett Wachal put up a collective 60 points over one of the top teams in the state, the number 3 team in the state to be exact.

What has lead to the boy’s success this season? It could be Schmidt who is exceptional at driving the ball and on average has 8.5 points per game, his top game scoring 21 points. It could also be Senior Garett Wachal who is one of the top rebounders in the state. While you could point to one of these things one of the biggest things that leads to this year’s teams success is their chemistry on and off the court. The boys spend weekends with each other and spend even more time with each other going out to eat before and after games. They have tremendous respect each other. This respect has led to so many great wins, and hopefully with this post-season a few more.

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