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Our society today is constantly changing, becoming faster and faster, so why shouldn’t the internet replicate the pace of world? For years, a common complaint in society is how slow the internet is. In a city just on the edge of making a name for itself, slow internet connection is a major problem for its expanding business district as well as residential areas. Slow internet connection could be a “make or break” point for companies or people deciding to move to Lincoln. Never fear, for fiber optic internet is here, well it is coming soon anyways.

Last fall, Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler and CEO of Nelnet Jeff Noordhoek, announced that fiber optic internet is coming to Lincoln, as early as the summer of 2016. With 1-gigabit (1 gigabyte of data per second), internet coming to Lincoln, the possibilities that the city have are greatly increased. With Lincoln constantly making changes for a better future, could this change also increase the city’s attractiveness to the outside world? It very well might as Mayor Beutler argues that it’s “the best piece of news in the city since the announcement of plans for Pinnacle Bank Arena.” Every Lincolnite knows that the Pinnacle Bank Arena led to a whole new world of possibilities as better performers are making debuts in Lincoln, the Rail Yard is becoming a trendy new area to grab a bite to eat, and the building itself is already a newfound land mark of the city. So can fiber optic internet really trump all of these new improvements that the arena brought?

So just how fast is 1-gigabit anyways and why is it so desirable? The average speed of internet in the United States today is around 11.5 megabytes per second. A 1-gigabit system will allow up to a 1000 megabytes per second (1 gigabyte). This ultra fast internet has created a lot of excitement in recent years and now Lincoln will be one of the few cities to receive it.

With the total installation cost estimated over 100 million dollars, it is easy to wonder what all the fuss is about and besides the speed, why is it better than cable? Fiber Optic Internet is a fairly new breakthrough in technology with Google being the most recognized carrier which started in Kansas City, Kansas. Since it is so expensive to install, fiber has only been installed in a few other cities. But once it is installed, it carries many benefits for its users. Besides the super fast internet that is provided, fiber cable is made from glass so it is less likely to be affected by strong electrical currents in nearby cables along with electrical surges; which means it is more durable. The only down side of fiber is that it is more expensive than cable. But on the other hand, it delivers better quality in service so the expense is well worth it.

With faster and stronger internet connection in Lincoln, the possibilities seem almost endless. Residents and businesses will have access to the fiber and will create a faster and more productive workforce and happier homeowners. With Fiber Optic only offered in a handful  of cities, business owners and new homeowners might look towards Lincoln as their future homes. One thing is for sure, the city will keep on expanding and will be able to do so at a faster rate with Fiber Optic Internet coming soon.

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