Making Money and Studying

You would think that dealing with school and sports would be enough work, but students are also juggling  jobs. School alone can be stressful, but after adding on sports and a job it can only bring on the pressure. After talking to three students in my own school, I’ve realized how it can be beneficial, and not only a stressor.

After speaking with Cassie Shambaugh-Miller, a fellow classmate, I learned that having a job can be fun and help out in many different ways. She still gets some free time, but she runs into obstacles. There are times where she wishes to go out or do something but can’t because she’s busy working. Free time isn’t the only problem. She also has to deal with homework and studying for tests. Cassie only works on the weekends, making the week easier when it comes to getting school work done. Yet when it comes to the weekends, she tries to get as much done as she can before going to work, that way she doesn’t stay up late on a sunday night finishing up work. Cassie said that, “it’s a plus to working while having school is learning time management skills.”

Another person interviewed was Noah Frost,  another classmate. He, on the other hand, doesn’t enjoy his job like Cassie does. He has a job to receive a paycheck. Noah also does golf. He said that during the season, his hours get shortened up to only on the weekend. When he normally works during the week too. The thing he enjoys most about having a job is being able to have his own money to be responsible of. He feels stressed when we have tests or projects, sometimes even several at a time. Noah stated that, “I get to meet new people, learn new skills, and learn different responsibilities from having a job.”

The last person I talked to was Paige Steinbauer, a senior. She said that, “I really enjoy my job and working with the people I do.” She likes how she doesn’t have to worry about money problems and can afford some books for college. That’s a major plus for Paige. While being so close to moving on and going to college, she has a part time job to fall back on. One thing that she struggles with is making time for church on sundays because she often works. She also does three sports a year which limits her hours on the weekends because of games and meets. Paige enjoys having a job because it adds to her list of responsibilities, which can be a good thing, especially in this case.

Having a job while being in school has its ups and downs. After talking to these fellow students, it seems like a reliable answer that having a job is a large plus. People seem to get lots of great things out of having a job as a high schooler.

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