Moore Middle School

The new Moore Middle School being built on 84th and Yankee Hill and its construction will change the culture and population in southeast Lincoln. Not only is there going to be a new school opening but also a YMCA facility and recreation center. It is expected to open in the fall of 2017, the new structures are sure to make a splash in the community.

The school itself has been estimated to cost 28.5 million dollars, most of which is coming from the 150 million dollars issued in bonds in 2014, but LPS hopes that the community and donations will pay for a large amount of the cost.

The reason this middle school has found its way into southeast Lincoln is because housing is developing rapidly out in that area. Across the street, a new neighborhood has formed all the way from 84th to 70th street, bringing a huge surplus of people into the area. This overflow of people as well as overcrowding at other middle schools, such as Lux Middle School, was a main reason to open this new school, with the ability to teach up to 850 students.

It remains to be seen how the new middle school will effect the enrollment of high schools around the area but as of now, most of the families who will put their children into Moore middle school are also in the same district to send their children to Lincoln East High School. If currently kids are being sent to East high and it is a full school, without having a new school funneling kids to it, the possibility of sending an extra 300 students per class from this new school could cause a huge upset in the balance of student population.

In addition, there are other big events that could impact the community with this new facility being created. Since there is going to be a new YMCA as well as new soccer fields to play this will allow children all throughout Lincoln to compete in more sporting events. The ability to play on a team and develop social skills is one of the great things about being a child and if the children who are close to the middle school form a team of kids in their neighborhood, they could form friends that will stick with them through their entire education.

One of the biggest choices that a parent has to make when choosing a house is what school best fits their kids. This new school will do just that. On each of the three different levels, one for each middle school grade, there will be 10 multi-purpose classrooms for classes such as math and English. In addition to that, on each level, there will be a computer lab, two science labs, and two rooms for children with learning disabilities. With all of these great inclusions this school is sure to be a great environment for any student to learn in.

But there is more to Moore Middle School than just the “book smarts” that the children will receive. Because the school shares a lot with a YMCA, they will be incorporating the facilities that it has to help with PE and health classes. Doing this allows children who don’t have any other chance to enjoy the break that they are able to get as well as learn real life skills like teamwork, competing, and striving to be the best you can be.

No matter what reason a person would like to choose from for as to why this school could help them out, be it the high quality education, the activities their kids can participate in, or the growing community around the school, there is no doubt that this will change the face of Southeast Lincoln.

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