New Chapters


Some student athletes in the senior class have signed to play a sport in college next year. Each of the eight athletes are excited to start a new chapter in their lives with the sport that they love. Out of all of these college sports, these elect eight are planning to participate in track, baseball, volleyball, golf, and football are the sports that have been chosen to play.
The students are anxious and scared to see what the future has to hold. Kate Staab is attending Northwestern College in Iowa next fall to run track. Kate explains that she is “anxious about starting and getting to meet all the new people”. Although being anxious is nothing to be afraid of, “it’s normal” says Kate again, “it’s what you are supposed to feel like going into something like this.” Many thoughts like this cause anxiety, but not to worry. Entering a new chapter should be exciting.
Many thrilling thoughts have been running through the student’s minds while dreaming of the future. Julia Pomerenke explained that she is most excited about “meeting new people with different backgrounds and cultures. [She’ll] be living far away so [she’ll] spend a lot of time with non family members”. Other exciting thoughts can be expressed especially after getting accepted to the dream college. Playing a sport in college can be intimidating, but realizing the opportunity to play a sport in college, everything will go according to plan.
A new chapter is definitely something to look forward to, even if college is 14 hours away or a close 3. Each of the future student athletes have something to be most excited about. Klaire Nuttelman is looking forward “for the big start into a new chapter in [her] life and [she] think[s] it will be worth it.” Along with Klaire, Haley Wineman is also planning on playing golf in college. “I’m excited to learn more about the sport that I love.”, she states.
Each of these golfers plan to work hard, along with the other athletes, for their upcoming seasons. Julia “practice[s] with the CUNE volleyball team ” and keeps in shape for the upcoming season this next fall. Many of the students exercise everyday every week.
All of our amazing student athletes here at Lincoln Lutheran have many things to look forward to future. Each one of them has many talents and abilities to get to share other schools next year. Good luck to all of you in your upcoming events!

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