Planning the Perfect Prom

Most people don’t think much of prom until February or March but the junior class has had it in mind since August. Each year the junior class is in charge of planning and raising the funds for prom. This year the dance is being held at Hillcrest Country Club on April 16th with post-prom following at Champions Fun Center. The theme of the night is “Under the Stars”.

With the price of prom being around $3,000 dollars this year, the junior class has had to find a number of ways to raise the money. When asked how the junior class has been raising funds, junior Rachel Garbe replied, “We’ve done candle sales, concessions, and a couple of middle school fun nights. We also had a fundraising night at Panera which got us some more money.”

One of the challenging parts of prom planning is getting everyone together and on the same page. Junior class sponsor, Mrs. Morris, said that the hardest part is, “compromising and getting everyone to participate and agree in the planning process.” One decision the juniors had to make was where prom and post-prom would be held. When’s side what went into deciding on a place, Rachel explained, “We had a class meeting in Mr. Deeter’s room during AP where we voted on a place. We ended up deciding that we would rather pay extra money for a place that would supply food and work for us rather than doing the extra work ourselves. We also wanted to have enough money left over for Champions.” The theme was also decided a similar way as junior Jordyn Popple responded, “The theme was decided in a morning meeting with a group of juniors.”

Even though prom is nearly two months away, many people are starting to get excited. When asked what they are looking forward to most at prom, Jordyn said, “having a good time with friends” and Mrs. Morris replied, “excited to see everyone dressed up and in a different element.” Most of all, the junior class is ready to be done with the planning. When discussing what she is looking forward to most about prom, Rachel said, “I’m looking forward to the fact that it will be over and we won’t have to plan anymore. It will be nice to see that all of our hard work paid off and that the pressure is off of our shoulders.”

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