Seasonal Tunes

With the seasons turning and the sun seeming to shine brighter, it’s time to look ahead a few months. Summer is rapidly approaching and along with the warmer weather, a question also comes to mind: “What is the best type of summer music?” I had the chance to sit down with three very unique music enthusiasts and got their opinions on this specific question and a few others that I had for them.

It is a well known fact that different types of people enjoy different types of music. There are so many types to choose from that it would be hard to only like a single genre. For example, Senior Ben Downing enjoys the Indie music genre while Freshman Ashton Polk swears that “Classic Rock and Country are the best.” No matter what preference of music each person has, all three of my interviewees agreed that music in the summer trumps music over any other time of the year. Freshman Haden Lane says that music in the summer has a more “swaggin or chill vibe to it versus in the winter.” Ben adds that the music “seems to match the weather.” There are many other reasons why music might be preferred in the summer verses other seasons but as Ashton put it: “It’s better because you can go outside and just enjoy the music and weather.”

Music has a way of changing a memory or way of making an impression on people. When asked what an ideal summer day would be like, Ashton Polk answered that he would like to be “sitting in a lawn chair, listening to country music, fishing, as the sun slowly sets over the horizon of the lake.” Haden on the other hand enjoys music that brings back summer memories. His favorite of these memories is “putting on a fake football helmet while listening to ‘Here Comes the Boom’ by Nelly, and running into a wall repeatedly.” Ben prefers music that has a “chill vibe” and reminds him of “laying on the beach.” No matter what the memory or ideal ways to spend their summer vacation, the three all listed that music is indeed a major part of their summers.

It doesn’t matter what type of music is your favorite or when you listen to it. Whatever summer activities you are apart of, music can be a part of it. The genre doesn’t matter as long as it suits you and it makes the summer experience more enjoyable. Summer is a great time to just relax and listen to some chill tunes. Have a good and music filled summer everyone.

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