Senior what?

Are you suffering from unusual laziness, a lack of motivation for homework, carelessness about grades and extreme procrastination? According to some Lincoln Lutheran seniors you may very likely be suffering from “senioritis”. Some declare senioritis a myth and believe seniors are solely making excuses for their newfound actions however, senior Nolan Schad proclaims “it is absolutely a thing!”.

Most of the almost-grads have already decided what they are doing next year and are eager to move on. Ben Downing accredits his onset of symptoms to getting accepted into college and being ready to go on to college because it makes high school seem trivial. Meanwhile, Mia Wright credits big projects and papers with onsetting her senioritis. Including English 4’s 2,500 word research paper and Senior Action Project. However, Mrs. Jank and many other teachers have even taken senioritis into account while planning their fourth quarter calendar, getting the big stuff done towards the beginning of the quarter rather than the end.

With less than 40 school days remaining many students have countdowns running. Yet, teachers are not exempt from this either. Mrs. Stahr believes she is ready for summer earlier and earlier each year. Mrs. Morris has “16!” crafted out of blue and green post-it notes on her wall counting down the days remaining.

Yet, seniors are not the only ones feeling the heat, many other students are ready to be done. However, seniors are far more ready to move on from high school and to new things. Many doubt that anything would be able to motivate them out of their funk since many are already accepted into college. Senor Austin Oerman sums it up perfectly, “Senioritis is like puberty, it happens to everyone, it’s not your fault, and there’s no shame in it happening”.

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