Seniors Last Goodbye

CollegeJustAheadWith graduation just around the corner, seniors are finishing up their last classes with friends they have been learning alongside for as many as 14 years. They will be saying goodbye and moving across the country to explore their own paths in life.

Some seniors staying close to home, others are leaving to chase their dreams, while still others are undecided. Julia Pomerenke wins the award for traveling furthest away. After a brief interview Julia revealed her new home would be Taylor University in upland Indiana, 14 hours away from home. “It has a great social work program, which is my major,” stated the senior. And as for the people there, “[she] can see [her]self growing up with them. ” Along with having a great program in her major, Julia also revealed that she choose Taylor University for the sport she loves: Volleyball. Julia will be participating on the Volleyball team as well as the Track and is excited for the journey up ahead.

Another Senior Nick Schmeling is chasing his dreams in theater. Nick explained how he “always loved acting.” A dream of Nick’s is to someday perform on Broadway. Nick will be attending UNL for their outstanding theater program, which he stated, “was the best in Nebraska.” While Nick claims to be overjoyed about leaving Lincoln Lutheran, he admitted that he was excited and at the same time scared for the new experiences that college will hold.

While some chase dreams, others are still unsure what their future holds. Andrew Blum appears destined for a college career in baseball, but is unsure what university he will be attending. “I have offers to play at Concordia” Andrew stated, “but am still waiting for what this season holds.” Though undecided Andrew is excited for the change of scenery in the near future. He is happy to leave high school and venture into the really world but admits that he may find himself back here on occasions.

The structure of Lincoln Lutheran will be a thing of the past after May 15th. With graduation just months away, it will sure be an adventure for the 43 students about to live on their own as they say their last goodbye.

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