Spring Break Please

spring break

Now that spring has arrived, college and high school students have been looking forward to one thing, spring break. Unfortunately, the students of Lincoln Lutheran don’t have this break off from school that could allow for some relaxation or spending time with family. They do however, have an Easter break where they get Good Friday and the Monday around Easter weekend off. People look forward to this break because it’s a great opportunity to spend time with family, but many people believe it is too short. A whole week off in the middle of spring would be nice, but a few students, including freshmen Megan Garbe, agree that it’s nice to get out of school for summer earlier.

Many students have expressed what they would be willing to give up if it meant having a spring break. These sacrifices included “two to three days of Christmas break,” or “getting out of school at 3:30 each day.” These students recognize that they must give up something in order to get what they want. Many of them have thought out the process of when this break would happen. Some students, like Junior Kali Dubas, would love to have spring break the same time as LPS because she has a lot of friends who go to public schools. On the other hand some students like Chase Canfield though it would fit in nicely the week before Easter. This would be very practical because there are already two days planned to be off, so the school would only have to make up three days rather than five.

Most students said they would, “relax or go on vacation with family,” if Lincoln Lutheran had a spring break. With nine days off of school, students have plenty of time to travel, or even stay home and relax, or even catch up on sleep. Sure, you can do these things in four days over Easter, but several students miss several days of school around this short break to go on vacation.

Although a spring break could give students the motivation to push through to the end of the school year, Easter break will have to work for the students of Lincoln Lutheran. They can look forward to college spring break in their future.


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