Student Talent Outside School

Lincoln Lutheran is full of many talented individuals both academically and athletically. The majority of gifted students get recognition through the school activities they participate in; like athletic teams, speech, band, and dance. However, students like Amber LeGrande, Rachel Garbe, Jordan Popple, Taylor Fry, Katrina Staab and many others participate in activities outside school.

Junior Amber LeGrande participates in volleyball both at school, as well as for a club team in the spring. She has been doing club volleyball along with school volleyball since 6th grade. She has practice twice a week for three hours as well as tournament’s most weekends. Amber says “these tournaments usually last two days, but [we] will occasionally have three day tournaments.” She spends a lot of time with her team, especially one member, Kelsie Smith who has been on her team since her first year in 6th grade.

Another junior, Rachel Garbe participates in the Omaha Football Club which is a club soccer team in Omaha. She also participates in women’s soccer at Lincoln Lutheran in the spring while her club season is primarily in the fall. She has put in a lot of time and effort into soccer since she started in 1st grade. Since her team practices in Omaha she has to drive an hour there and back to get to practice. All this work is totally worth it for for Rachel because when asked if she enjoys soccer she responded quickly with, “yes, very much!”

Yet another junior, Jordan Popple is involved in club basketball. Her season is in the summer so her busy basketball schedule doesn’t have to work around school work, but it still is very time consuming. They have three practices a week, for two hours each, as well as tournaments on the weekends. However the tournaments can spill into the week, Jordan said, “the longest one was five days.” She has been playing basketball since third grade and really enjoys it. She says, “I would suggest this to those who find basketball fun, and are willing to get better.”

A new face to Lincoln Lutheran, Taylor Fry, is a very gifted dancer who dances for the True Dance Company. She has been dancing since the age of six and has participates in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and tap. She practices five days a week, totaling ten hours of practice each week. However she loves dance and says, “it’s one of my favorite things to do.” She has made a lot of friends through this and plans on continuing this in the future. She may even try out for blue angels dance team next year.

Something most people probably don’t know about Katrina Staab is that she participates in Girl Scouts. She is a senior Girl Scout, which is the highest level one Girl Scout can get. She described Girl Scouts as, “Doing activities to make the world a better place, and it teaches you about leadership.” Katrina explained different rewards to me that are ranked bronze, silver and gold. She already has her bronze and silver awards and is going for the gold. In order to get the gold award she has to spend 80 hours doing activities that help the community. Luckily, she has until her senior year to get those hours done.

These are a few examples of talented students at Lincoln Lutheran. The school is full of talented students, both academically and athletically. Although many students are able to showcase these talents through school sports or other activities, many go unrecognized because their activities take place outside of school.

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