Students Weigh in on Presidential Election

     Politics can be a touchy and even emotional subject for many people to talk about. That be because of ideal differences, empathy towards the nominees or issues, or ignorance to the subject all together. Also, politics may not be one of the most pressing topics to talk about around the lunch table. Although, It is important to become familiar with government and politics as well rounded and informed citizens of the United States, especially for seniors at Lincoln Lutheran.

     The presidential election is fast approaching and for many seniors it will be the first time that they are old enough to vote. So far in this election there has been a lot of buzz around Republican candidate Donald Trump and the controversies surrounding national security and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Deciding who to vote for is a big decision and is best made when you have a lot of information on the nominees. There is more media coverage and conflicting opinions that make their ways into the ears of high school students, making the process to forming a decision even harder than usual.  

     Many Lincoln Lutheran families and students like Abigail Fahleson align themselves more with Republican values and ideals. One of Fahleson’s favorite candidates happens to be Republican Marco Rubio, “ I really love [him]… and not just because that’s who my parents are supporting. I think he’s a great Christian dude and if he was to win the republican primary I definitely think he could beat out the democrat nominee”. Abbie says that she gets most of her information from “[her] dad, other political people, watching Fox News, reading the Wall Street Journal and other newspapers. My dad influences me a lot just because I know he has a lot of knowledge about politics and knows what makes a good president”. It is pretty usual for students to vote somewhat similarly to their parents.

     While some people like certain candidates because of their personalities, others focus on public and policy issues. Senior Nolan Schad says that “I don’t trust Cruz, Trump, or Clinton. Republican John Kasich is my favorite”. Nolan goes on to say that he favors Kasich due to “his realistic stances on foreign policy, healthcare, economic reform”. Some issues that are important to Senior Mia Wright include “gay rights, taxes, and free college. I’d say I’m leaning more towards being a democrat and my favorite candidate is Bernie Sanders”. There are many seniors who already have their minds made up about who they want to vote for, but there are still a few who have not given any thought to it.


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