The weather’s heating up, school’s coming to an end, and vacations being planned are all signs that summer is just around the corner. This tends to be one of the most exciting times of the year, especially for high school students because of the opportunities that arise, plus the family and friends time increases dramatically.

The free time to be outside and enjoy the sun are only the start to a great summer and few months to enjoy. Summer is Rachel Garbe’s favorite season because all of her sisters come back home and she can see her friends, but she doesn’t have to deal with school work. Plus she gets to play a lot of soccer and it’s super nice outside. After asking Rachel what her favorite thing about summer was, she replied, “I really enjoy the sun and the time I get to spend with friends and family. Not to mention, the soccer camps!”  Rachel has an extremely busy summer full of traveling for soccer and spending lots of time with her family. I asked her if her family was planning on going on vacation and she explained to me her packed full schedule. “We are taking a trip to Florida to look at some colleges around there. We are also going to California for a few days as well. That’s for an overnight camp and then we are going to Indiana for soccer regionals.” Rachel is always busy with soccer camps and games, but she enjoys it because it’s her favorite sport and her family also gets to enjoy these places with her. She said her favorite summer snack is “strawberries or the typical ice cream.” Rachel said she is “absolutely ready for summer to be here, and school to be over.”

Summer is also Lydia Asplin’s favorite season because “there isn’t school and the weather is nice outside.” A major thing that she really enjoys about summer is no school and no homework. She said that she does plan to go on vacation this summer with her family and also with some friends. She likes to spend time with friends and stay the night at friends houses. She also enjoys going to the pool and zoo with her family and/or friends. Summer is a time for freedom and being able to do lots of fun things.  Vacations are known as a fun thing to do, and most have a dream vacation they wish to do someday. Lydia’s dream vacation was described as “somewhere with white beaches and clear water.” She also has a favorite summer snack, which is popsicles. Lydia is very much ready for summer to be here, just like Rachel, so she can enjoy her time away from school.

The top vacation destination in the world is Hawaii. The reasoning is because each of the six major islands offers unique experiences tailored for a luxury, romantic, adventurous, eco-friendly or beach vacation. The favorite summer snack is creamy lemon dip. This dip is super fresh and creamy and can be served with any fruit. It’s also great for a summer day and nice warm weather. Camping is known as the favorite summer activity. It encompasses everything – the beach, sunshine, outdoor sports, picnics, campfires and braving the elements. Nothing defines the ultimate summer activity better than camping.

Summer is a really exciting time of the year, especially for teenagers in high school. Summer is just around the corner and some are more than ready. What are your summer plans?

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