Trump Not Fit to be President (Editorial)


Have you checked the news yet today?  Well, it’s pretty likely you’ll find that the Republican Party’s Presidential frontrunner has made yet another unhinged comment or declaration.  Donald J. Trump would be an absolutely disastrous Republican Presidential nominee and President.  It’s fair to speculate that he would be hard pressed in defeating Hillary Clinton in the general election.  He’s virtually unelectable in November because of his bad favorability ratings.  Polls continue to show how poorly he does in major demographics needed to win the presidency, including women, Hispanics, and African Americans.  Polls also continue to show that upwards of two-thirds of Republican Party voters don’t see Trump as the best option in a candidate to take on Hillary Clinton.  In fact, in hypothetical head-to-head general election polls, both Ted Cruz and John Kasich defeat Clinton, while Trump loses.  For those reasons, he is a liability to the Republican party in their effort to take back the White House.

Apart from Trump’s chances of actually entering the White House as the President of the United States, his campaign to become the Republican nominee has revealed his true colors.  While other candidates are focused on issues and formulating plans to help American families succeed, Trump concerns himself with going to the gutter.  He continually attacks other candidates with personal insults.  In fact, he even comes up with insulting nicknames for his rivals, such as Ted Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted” and Marco Rubio as “Little Marco”.  Whenever he feels threatened on why he doesn’t have real ideas for fixing the problems we face as a country, he attacks others.  It’s interesting, but the sad thing is, his supporters love it.  The guy has a respect problem, plain and simple; his constant foolishness in the public eye shows us just how little respect he has for the office he is running for, as well as others who are running for it.  A man who mocks handicapped reporters, makes abominable comments about women and immigrants, vows to pay the legal fees of those who incite violence, and desires to put a national ban on a specific religious group is without a doubt unfit to be the President of the single greatest country in the world.

One of Donald Trump’s go-to statements is that the problems America faces never get solved because of politicians who are “all talk and no action.”  He says that he’s never been a politician and that Washington, D.C. is extremely corrupt.  The funny thing about these comments from Mr. Trump, though, is that he has been apart of the Washington corruption for the large part of 40 years.  He has funded many liberal Democrats, from Harry Reid, to Chuck Schumer, and even Hillary Clinton, whom he said in 2008 would be a “great President.”  Trump has enabled, encouraged, and endorsed many of the people whom Republican and Democratic voters alike feel betrayed by, because they hindered the promise of America.

He’s using the Republican party as his platform, but he is not a Republican, and is far from a Conservative.  His views on issues change very frequently, as he values the idea of “flexibility”, as he puts it.  Now, I can understand if someone’s views on certain issues morph and change as time goes on, but in no circumstance should a trustworthy candidate’s fundamental principles and values change this far into their lives.  In this way, Trump compares himself to Ronald Reagan, whom he claims to have “evolved” on the issues.  It’s sad that Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump are even being compared in the same sentence.

Most frightening, I’m convinced that Trump has absolutely no idea what he is talking about when it comes to policy.  His policies are paper thin and have no real substance.  The things he says appeal to an electorate that is fed-up with the leadership of America (and the lack thereof), and resonates with our basic fears and prejudices.  Donald Trump promises to keep us safe as President, but how can you make a promise like that when you haven’t had one second of foreign policy experience?  Personally, I would feel safer with President Obama (and a whole host of other people) in charge, than with Trump at the helm.  We need steady and experienced leadership to keep our country safe, especially today when threats from so many parts of the world exist.  Trump’s child-like temperament under pressure and scrutiny is not fit for the person accessing our country’s nuclear launch codes.

Donald Trump will not be a “unifier”, like he claims.  This country will not be united if Donald Trump is our President.  He will divide us, just like he has done since the time he entered the race.  Recently, Trump has asked supporters at his rallies to raise their hands, repeating after him that they promise to vote for him in the primary.  If this type of demonstration doesn’t show you that Trump has no clue what he is doing, I don’t know if anything will.  The people of this country do not pledge to a candidate, rather it is the other way around.  Candidates pledge to the people, both those who vote for them and those who don’t, that they will do everything in their power to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.  It helps if that candidate actually knows what that document says. Mr. Trump, I will never raise my hand in oath to vote for your campaign, that daily tries to rip at the fabric of this country for personal gain.  An unhinged, narcissistic, clueless divider-in-chief is not what we need.  Not now, and not ever.

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