We Bleed Red

American Red Cross


On March 2 Lincoln Lutheran will be hosting the 6th biannual American Red Cross Blood Drive. The drive is run by the school’s student council and they receive donations from students, teachers and members of the community. Over the past years, they have collected over 376 of blood units which is equivalent to saving 1880 lives.

The council has been working to reach out to anyone interested in giving. Working to top this year’s drive goal of 65 units, the schedule is already full with a few days remaining before the drive. The group hopes to exceed their previous record of 65 units set in 2014. Teacher sponsor Katie Bockelman accredits this to the testimony given by a middle school student; Adler Rickords. Adler briefly spoke of his battle with cancer and the blood transfusion he received. This moved many of the students and encouraged them to consider donating, if not already planning to do so.

When asking around as to what motivates people to giving, Mrs. Rickords (Adler’s mother)  recalled the importance of blood donations during Adler’s sickness. She described him getting blood drawn then leaving the hospital, returning later white as a sheet and too weak to walk. She would watch as the transfusion took place and see the color return to his face. Katie Bockelman states that her mother also had cancer and she witnessed what a difference the transfusions quickly made. Even though Ms. Bockelman was scared of needles she remembers how much strength her mother had and donates each year.

Many people are unaware of the dire need for blood and how much one donation can do. Every two seconds someone in the US needs blood and approximately 36,000 units of red blood cells are needed everyday in the US. Also, one donation can help save up to three people. Even if you are unable to give for this blood drive there are always opportunities throughout the Lincoln community. Hopefully, Wednesday’s drive will reap lots of units and many lives saved.


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