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Zoos can be a gateway into different parts of the world letting you see things that you might not otherwise for your whole life, especially here in Nebraska. Nebraska is a landlocked state in the middle of the country- that means that children and adults don’t have access to the magnificent wildlife that they might read about or watch in a video. Thankfully Nebraska and its citizens have access to zoos.

One of these in particular stand out not only above similar institutions statewide but even above institutions across the country and even the whole world. That would be the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo.

Three people were interviewed about the world class zoo that resides in their backyard. Nick Schmeling, Haley Wineman, and Luke Bartels: all three of them had been to the Omaha Zoo at least once. Haley and Nick even going at least once every year, both of them touting it as a family tradition. Just like how everyone has a favorite food, everyone has a favorite animal that they love seeing at the zoo; whether it’s Haley’s favorite: “turtles that swim”, Luke’s favorite “the elusive black panther” or  Nick’s favorite the “penguins”.

The Omaha Zoo offers many different experiences in way of the different exhibits that populate the grounds of the zoo. The Lied Jungle, Desert Dome and the Big Cat Enclosure were some notable stand outs from the interviews. Both Nick and Haley are very excited about the newest addition to their favorite exhibits, the Africa exhibit is the newest edition. The Africa exhibit will showcase the giraffes that zoo takes care of.

Along with the news about the Africa exhibit’s construction the Omaha zoo has recently been awarded the title of the best zoo in the world. Haley even goes as far as to say that it is “zoorific” when asked about her feelings about the recent award. Regardless of awards the countless number of found memories made and the ones yet to be made will still stand in the minds of many. Haley says she will always remember “running through the mist fans”, Luke will remember “seeing the monkeys making their funny noises, they gave me a giggle” and Nick will always remember “when the gorillas banged on the glass when a little girl mocked them through the window”.

Zoos, in particular the Omaha Zoo will continue to make strides to bring the world’s wildlife to everyone allowing them to make lasting memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. When asked about their final thoughts about zoos Haley said “I heart zoos and the animals”  and Luke said “If you’re ever really lonely a zoo is not a terrible place to go because you can see the animals and not be lonely”, so get outside and go to a zoo. 

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