If you are spending your whole weekend tired and bored out of your mind, why not try to fill that empty time slot by going to a movie? If you are not opposed to spending a few bucks for a comfy lounge chair as well as getting laughed at for going to a children’s movie while you are in high school, check out the movie Zootopia.

The movie starts from the perspective of Judy Hopps, a hometown bunny from Bunnyburrow, who loves to stand up for the “little guys” who cannot protect themselves. This leads her to want to be a police officer in the city of Zootopia: the town where predator and prey live in harmony, but the ZPD (Zootopia Police Department) is there to keep order. Soon after she arrives she realizes that it will not be as simple as she originally thought, being shunned by other officers and swindled by the sneaky fox, Nick Wilde.

After causing a ruckus in the ZPD, the only way to save her job is by finding Emmit Otterton, an otter who’s wife had not seen him in days. Using some blackmail, Judy recruits Nick Wilde in her investigation. The two reluctantly work together to uncover the secret of the missing otter, becoming friends in the process. As the case progresses they realize that it is much larger than they first thought.

When you first hear about the movie you may think that it is just another children’s movie that plays to their tastes, but this movie is undoubtedly another Disney classic for all ages. Being a very innovative idea, it gave the company a ton of room to work and imagine the possibilities.

Like in most of children’s films, Zootopia puts you on a roller coaster of emotion from the start to the finish, giving you characters you love, as well as characters you hate more than anything. Comedy flows through this movies simply do to some of the situations that the characters are put in, but even more funny are some of the characters that are slipped into the movie. Some notable, hilarious character are Flash the sloth, as well as Benjamin Clawhauser the cheetah that works the front desk for the ZPD.

Overall this movie is a must see for people of all ages. Surely you’ll find yourself laughing hysterically as well as shedding a few tears but most of all you will walk out of the movie theater with a happy heart and a smile on your face.

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