Baby Animals

There are many things that will make you go “awwww” and grin from cheek to cheek. Little kids doing something extremely cute, weddings, and maybe even (if you are a girl) seeing an old couple holding hands, but one of the most common is seeing a baby animal.

I asked a few people around the school what makes these animals so cute. Jon Green stated that baby animals are so cute “because they are baby animals.” This makes complete sense. Babies are cute, everyone knows that. And animals are even cuter, everyone knows that. So why not take the cutest age of an animal and claim that it is the cutest thing on earth?

Out of all the people I asked, nobody really knew why they were so cute, although I did learn that people like their soft fur, cute faces, and clumsiness. Max McCoy said that he loves “when puppies run up to a person and jump on them and lick their faces. Its adorable.” Nolan Schad added, “When they’re young, they don’t know any better.” It makes them cute. Doing things when they are little that they don’t do when they’re older (such as thinking that they are able to catch a cat that’s up a tree, or lick a persons face uncontrollably) makes them fun to play with and watch when they are just babies.

I asked several people and a few arguments arose about what the actual cutest baby animal is. Amongst the discussion were elephants and lions, as well as puppies and kittens, and one person even said that sea turtles are the most adorable. But one animal took the cake. Penguins. More than any other animal, people thought that a penguin is the cutest baby animal. The way they waddle around and the soft looking, grey fur makes people go “Awwww”.

It doesn’t matter what animal you choose, if you are feeling down and in need of a pick me up, find a picture of some baby animals, a box of tissues and let the cuteness do its job.

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