Dorm Sweet Dorm

The Lincoln Lutheran student body has roughly 42 days until the last day of school. This may seem like a long ways away, but the month of April is here which means only a month and a half left of school. Most of the students at Lincoln Lutheran are excited about summer, and for some students, this coming summer marks the beginning of a new experience.
The Senior class graduates on May 15th, a long-awaited date for some students. Paige Steinbauer a Senior at Lincoln Lutheran firmly claims that “high school went by so slow for me, I’m excited to graduate.” For other seniors, the four years flashed in a blink of an eye. Caleb Ziems finds himself, “forgetting [he’s] a Senior. It feels like last year I was only a freshman.” No matter how the seniors feel about high school, graduation will arrive soon. It’s like the seniors can smell the sweet aromas of a cake that is not quite ready to be taken out of the oven. Hopefully, every senior will graduate this year and if so, each will strut across the stage, receive their diplomas and tip their caps to their high school years.
After a recent survey, in which the 12th graders were asked if they will be attending a college or a university, roughly 94% reported that they will attend college. Then the students were asked if they plan to live on campus. 89% of the seniors enrolled in college for next year will be living on campus.
With so many seniors living in the dorms, it may be helpful for current seniors to plan for communal living. Maria Deeter is a current college freshman at Concordia University in Seward, NE. Maria attended Lincoln Lutheran last year and confesses that she “sometimes misses Lincoln Lutheran life.” Yet, Maria is not one to dwell on the past. She plays on the Concordia soccer team and her roommate is a soccer player. Besides her roommate, Maria has formed “amazing friendships” with other students at Concordia. Maria’s soccer practices, classes, studying and social life consume most of her time, but she says that frequent “quiet times” are what keep her going. She suggests that everyone bring a good pair of headphones, “that way you can escape from the noise of college life.” She savors the moments of the day that she can sit back and appreciate the music while studying for classes.
Headphones are not an item that easily comes to mind, but a practical and useful enough to write down on your college supplies list. Besides headphones, Nora Pomerenke suggests that at least, girl’s, “invest in a nice bathrobe”. Nora explains that living in the dorms can be tricky because your showers might be several halls away from your room. Nora recalls a time when she showered and thought she could just walk to her room in her towel. She was sadly mistaken when she stepped out of the shower; her towel barely covered her backside. Thankfully, a friend was around who loaned Nora a bathrobe. After the incident, Nora promptly purchased a bathrobe of her own. Along with a bathrobe, Nora suggests bringing a shower caddie because “it carries all your toiletries so that you don’t have to.”
Nora experienced a different weather climate when she attended college in South Dakota. Nora says “it was much colder with a lot more snow in South Dakota.” From her experience, Nora advises any student who is moving, even remotely, away from the home check out the cities climate. Nora says, “that way you can pack according to the climate. For me, I needed a heavier winter coat and all of my winter sweaters, but not so many shorts or tank tops.” A useful tip to keep in mind for new college students. At Lincoln Lutheran, there are some students moving 5 to 14 hours away who should take climate change into consideration.
From headphones to bathrobes, preparing for dorm life seems to be a task that a Target store run can tackle. Preparing for college feels like long ways away, yet graduation felt the same way a few weeks ago.

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