Earthquakes in Japan

Earthquakes in Japan that struck on April 16th have left several people dead and hundreds more wounded while the search for survivors and the cleanup of the debris continues.

Early on Saturday, April 16th, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck japan after a previous 6.0 hit two days prior. With all the destruction that occurred, over 50 people were found dead and more than 1000 injured form the combination of quakes.

Japan’s Prime minister, Shinzo Abe, said that the current situation of finding survivors is “a race against the clock.” In addition to the situation already being tough to deal with as is, the weather and rain as well as the possibility of additional aftershocks and quakes make it dangerous to try to execute a rescue mission. Due to the necessity of speed in the recovery mission, the Prime Minister sent 25,000 rescue personnel into the sight in hope of quickening the process.

Abe states that this was the worst thing that could have happened to them. With a huge amount of people stuck into a fairly small space, it could have been much more disastrous than it was. At first they thought that it may be “the big one” or the earthquake that could cause such a huge problem that it would tear down buildings and cities. “The big one” is expected to kill thousands but luckily that bullet was dodged.

There was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on the 16th and it was even larger than the one that was thought to be “the big one.” Thousands of people were evacuated for their own safety. A few scared citizens said that they feared for their life as their apartment began to shake. It tore off sides of buildings and ripped apart some structures. Many of the stores had everything shaken off shelves and nocked to the floor.

As the death toll began to rise, the prime minister has a big problem on his hands. He needs to find a way to keep his people safe and rebuild structures while trying to save money.

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