He Shoots, He Scores!

Spring sports are in full swing and with various different activities offered at Lincoln Lutheran, it is hard to look at all of the highlights in each event. One major event in the past week that has taken place is Uriah Soenksens’ “double hat trick” against Seward High.

It’s not every day that players can score a single, let alone six, goals in a single game. Uriah defied all odds in the 10-1 win against Seward High at Spirit Park, scoring six of the ten goals. Soenksen does not like taking all the credit though, “I got some really nice passes through the middle that allowed the shots that I had.” As an experienced soccer player, he knows that it is not about his abilities alone but the skills and unity of his teammates as well. He doesn’t like to gloat or brag but focus on the success of the team as a whole. “[the team] did a really nice job communicating and passing throughout the entire game” the senior captain states. Junior Henry Schmidt agrees with him adding that “as a team we were able to work past the Seward defense, there was no ‘one’ individual that did all the work to score.” Being a well structured team seems to be the key to success for Soenksen and Schmidt.

Six goals in a game is not only a rare event but also unheard of until now at Lincoln Lutheran. Uriah broke the old record of five goals in a game held by his own brother Kevin and Matt Chaffe. Soenksen states later that “I didn’t even think about the record until I had my fourth goal.” Sophomore Chase DeBusk states “It was cool to just be a part of the team and help Uriah get up on the record board.” DeBusk, who also had a goal against Seward, considers himself honored to be on the Lincoln Lutheran team with Uriah, “he’s a really good player and truly loves the game.” With smiles on their faces, the Warrior soccer team does not dwell in the past but looks ahead for the challenges that await them. They hope to continue down a successful road and add on to the win side of their 3-1 record.

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