I’m Not Feeling the Bern

Feel the Bern

Bernie Sanders. It seems like hardly anyone knew anything about him until the independent congressman out of Vermont declared a bid for Presidency. Even though he has declared himself to be independent, his socialistic policies and positions have made him a strong frontrunner for the Democratic Party.

This is bad news. It’s horrible, terrible, no-good news. Because what this means is that there is a very real chance that Bernie could become the 45th President of the United States. That is what frightens me deeply. As I said earlier, Bernie Sanders is a socialist. Or, as he likes to call himself, a “democratic socialist”, but this does nothing besides make him appear less radical. This means that Bernie is a supporter of taking money from those who have more and spreading it around through numerous (expensive) social welfare programs.

If you’ve ever listened to Bernie Sanders speak on this campaign trail, chances are you’ve heard him say a few of his key phrases that he likes to use, such as “corporate America”, the ever harped on “top 1%” and “Wall Street”. He uses these phrases to create a discord between the “haves” and the “have-nots”. By using these words he creates divisiveness and uses it to rile up his supporters into disliking someone simply for having more than they do. He makes it so that having things makes you “greedy” and immoral.

Of all the things that Bernie Sanders has promised, one of the most heavily toted is the idea of “free college”. Bernie has put forth the notion that creating “free public universities” is not a radical idea (he actually said this when I saw him at a rally in Lincoln, Nebraska). He wants the United States government to pay money so that people can go to college. For free. It’s almost as if Bernie and his supporters have no idea how that actually works.

Because you see, the money to provide free college has to come from somewhere, someone still has to pay for it. And so what Mr. Sanders has proposed is that those same “1%” pay for college. And while making those with more give those with less some help, the numbers don’t quite add up. Last year, Neil Cavuto talked with a national student leader about the financial aspect of making just public universities free. According to the numbers, at the most conservative estimates, it would cost $1.3 trillion USD to provide free college. Then, Cavuto said that if you taxed the top 10% of the US (a whole 9% more than Bernie talks about) at 100%, that is, you take all of the money they make and leave them with nothing, the grand total of $1.2 trillion USD. That’s $200 billion USD shy of the goal.

So, if you took everything from the top 10% you couldn’t afford just one public policy that Bernie Sanders advocates, let alone any of the other kinds of welfare. And the thing Bernie and his supporters seems to forget is that the top 10% wealthy people in America are that top 10% for a reason- they’re smart, or at least good with money. As soon as they see that those high taxes are coming, it’s a safe assumption that they will move their money to offshore accounts and banks overseas that the U.S. Government simply can’t access.

So what Bernie’s presidency would ultimately mean is that anyone who makes a middle class wage or higher will be taxed at obscenely high amounts all to pay for those who have less. Even though claims to be a great supporter of the middle class, he would crush it completely. And it is his completely asinine policies, coupled with him and his supporters’ utter refusal to understand monetary and fiscal policy that I will not now or ever feel the Bern. And if you have a brain that remotely functions and can grasp basic math, it my sincerest hope and desire that you do not Feel the Bern.

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