The month of April is known for different things to different people, April showers, April fools day, Coachella, Spring sports, flowers and more. Yet, for many high school girls it is the month of Prom. The day that some girls look forward to for many years while others buy a dress the day of. Either way, prom is a well known popular culture event.

Prom years ago was a times of firsts: the first real dress up affair and the first social event for teenagers. Proms have evolved since then, but remain a notable event in the social climate of high schools. It is actually short for ‘promenade’ which stands for promotional dance. Promenade was when students celebrated promotion from one grade or school to the next.

Prom for the students at Lincoln Lutheran falls on April 16th this year and many have been preparing for the day for months prior. Some girls ordered dresses in February to be sure they were content with their purchase for the big event. Plans are being finalized for picture groups, dinner groups and the like. Senior Paige Steinbauer says she’s really excited for the evening because “it’s her last high school dance” and she hopes it’s as fun as her previous years have been. Lutheran invites all junior and senior students to prom and any underclassman asked by an upperclassman. It’s a special treat for the upperclassman that underclassman often look forward to.

Prom planning however, is begrudgingly bestowed upon the junior class,and sponsors, each year. The class is in charge of fundraising, picking venues, food, tickets, and prom court all hoping to make the night successful and retaining traditions. The juniors are ready to end the chaos and check prom committee off their list permanently. Junior Rachel Garbe states they had a bit of conflict throughout the planning process but “it all got figured out” and she looks forward to a fun evening. Due to Lutheran’s small size, about 75 students at prom. The dance is preceded with “The Grand March”. Each couple parades around for family, friends and peers to see as they are announced. It’s a brief tradition that everyone enjoys.

This years theme is “Under the Stars” and it will be held at Hillcrest Country Club, followed by post-prom at Champions Fun Center. Students often anticipate post prom more as they are then able to change out of their suits and dresses. Corbyn Trumbley especially looks forward to post-prom this year as he works at Champions and now knows “all of the good games”. In sports clothes, the high schoolers play their hearts out until everyone begins to hit a wall around 2:30 am.

At 3 am students begin heading home after their long evening. With a three hour dance and three hour post-prom everyone is tired and ready for bed. Yet, some find what little energy they have remaining and go out for breakfast. Upon conclusion of breakfast everyone hits the hay and falls fast asleep, exhausted from a jam packed evening.

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