Republican Primary Candidate

With the republican primary rapidly approaching in Nebraska, few remaining candidates are trying to get any edge they can to claim their spot as the republican nominee for president.

It began over a year ago, the campaign to get their name and policies out to the public, to build a reputation with citizens who had never heard of them before, or at least for some of the candidates. From the 12 candidates who actually made it to the primary votes, nine of them had a background in government. While this could be a good base in their home state, it did not get their name out into the community like others already had.

Donald Trump is one presidential candidate who had a boost in having his name known. He was rated the 137th richest man in the entire United States as well as being the 72nd on the list of most powerful people in 2015. Many people also already knew his name before he ran for the republican primary due to his real estate business where he owns nine huge hotels in nine different large cities. Not only did his business help him though, from his entrepreneurship he was offered the main role in a TV show called The Apprentice where he remained for 11 years. Though he really has an important name, Trump lacks all political experience and bases his campaign on the idea of “making America great again.” Many Americans believe this sounds amazing, which it does, but as of now he has no way to back up his claims.

The second major candidate still in the race is Texas senator, Ted Cruz. Though clearly not as well known as Trump, he excels in other areas. Cruz has been noted as one of the more influential people in the entire senate. He has a great track record for standing up for republican beliefs and a reviving spirit for the love of the constitution. Even if he may not be as well know, he has many of the qualifications that Trump does not have like political experience from being in the senate. This could make him a better candidate compared to someone who simply comes into office with a strong will and a “can do” attitude.

The final candidate remaining is John Kasich who is has been the governor of Ohio since 2011. This man, though way behind in the polls, it equally, if not more, qualified to be the next president of the United States that the other two currently running. He is the only candidate who has a proven record on being able to balance a budget, and with a 19 trillion dollar deficit currently, a balanced budget is a major point in any candidates campaign. And he is the best at it. He turned around the economy in Ohio and even brought a surplus to the economy that almost no state has done with the exception of North Dakota in the oil spree a few years back.

With Nebraska’s primary just around the corner, it is still a toss up for who will be running as the republican nominee in 2016. One thing is for sure though, every vote counts and each could make a difference in who gets the honor of being the next president of the United States.


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