The Rise of Smartphones


Smartphones have taken over as the most used phone in our world today. These devices have become objects, that the majority of Americans over the age of thirteen will never leave their house without. This is understandable because of the many useful functions such as, alarm clocks, GPS, portable cameras and so much more. Although they can be useful they may become a major distraction to everyday routines.

During a school day, the majority of students will have checked their phone at least once while they should be paying attention in class. This not only causes a distraction from their learning but also interrupts the class for the teacher to deal with the issue. Besides the class distraction, the phone use will carry over into their homework time. Even when people have hours of homework they will spend time on various social media sites causing procrastination from their work.

Aside from academics, smartphones are putting a damper on social interactions. Meal time, which once was a family aspect, is now spent on phones, mindlessly scrolling through apps. This can be seen even at restaurants, people will spend their meal staring at their phone rather than enjoying the company around them. Looking at things you don’t have makes you constantly dissatisfied with where you are at. This behavior sets up a discontent mindset that will carry into other aspects of life. According to 44% of people said they would experience a great deal of anxiety if they lost their phone and could not replace it for a week. This reliance on technology is unnecessary and needs to be limited.

All of these aspects of smartphones are hindering the way people function but there are ways to limit usage without getting rid of smart phones all together. One suggestion would be limiting your time and functions. Setting up a time limit, 7pm to 7am for example, where you do not use your phone for anything besides necessary contacting. Being conscious of your surroundings is another way to cut out unnecessary phone time. Not looking at your phone when you are in the company of others is a good step to eliminating an addiction and revamping social skills. The last thing to do is, not check your phone every time it rings. Most of the time it’s not an urgent matter and can wait, you should not base your life around your phone notification. Self discipline is a key component to successfully escaping the entrapment of smart phones.


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