Yori’s End to 14 Years of Coaching

Connie Yori, the Nebraska women’s head basketball coach, resigned on April 5th, 2016 after a two-month department investigation. According to the Lincoln Journal Star, the husker women’s team was under investigation after claims of “player mistreatment”. It is a well-known fact, in the husker basketball realm, that Connie swears at her players. Spectators watching the basketball games can easily observe the kind of language Connie uses towards her players. This kind of treatment is labeled as verbal abuse, and maybe one of the reasons why past players like Hannah Tvrdy, Katie Simon, Kaylee Page and Saddie Murren left the program.

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, the investigation quickly took place after the complaints and was conducted by Nebraska administration,not the NCAA because there is no evidence of rule violations. During the investigation, Yori told the Journal Star that, “[she] vehemently denies any wrongdoing in the program.” A month after her statement, Yori resigned from her coaching position. Several past husker basketball players are furious about the investigation. Lindsey Moore played from 2009-2013 for the huskers and said, “I felt absolutely no mistreatment” to the Journal Star.

Depending on who is being interviewed, the mistreatment allegations are seen as valid or completely void. But there is another side to Yori’s situation, she is going through a divorce. She said that “this has been a very challenging time for my family and in the best interest of all of us, this is the right decision.” Yori will have to face a custody battle for her eleven-year-old son, and resigning from her job will offer her more time to be with her son. The mistreatment allegations could have been the push for her to resign from her job.

Sam McKewon is a writer for the Omaha World-Herald and he says, “[he is] not surprised about her resignation.” He explains that last year was a tough year for the Husker women’s basketball team. Their accomplishments were not what people expected, Nebraska wants a final four team, no exceptions.

McKenow outlines a current problem for Nebraska, because of the mistreatment allegations and investigation, coaches who coach as a “bullies” are not going to want to coach for Nebraska. They cannot coach the way they want to because there will be issues with players. The bully type of coaching is not uncommon for the collegiate level, in fact, McKenow believes that the best teams have a bully like coaches.

Even with the investigation and sudden resignation, Connie Yori did coach the huskers for 14 years and is the most successful coach in program history. Her success is now in the past, but will be remembered. For now, it is time for her to focus on her family. She ended her public announcement with words of thanks and specifically to “the incredible Husker Nation for their passionate and unwavering support throughout my time in Lincoln. I will always be a proud Husker.”

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