Gun Control

In the last few years, violence has become more prevalent in our society. One thing that is being pushed pretty aggressively to combat the violence is gun control. While republicans fight on behalf of the second amendment, democrats fight for stricter gun laws. Obama has been pushing for provisions since he took office almost eight years ago. In January, he issued an executive order for stricter gun regulation.

What Obama’s gun control executive order did was close the “gun show loophole.” What this loop hole did was surpass background checks. If you want to buy a gun in a store licensed to sell firearms, you will have to fill out different forms in stores and if it is your first time buying a weapon, it might take a couple of days for you to get approved. The stores are required to run background checks to make sure you’re not a felon or a dangerous person. What these gun shows do is bypass this extra measure of safety. They were not required to administer these check so anyone could walk into the show and purchase a firearm.

In the long term, Obama’s order seems to make sense, but what does the order do to the millions of law abiding citizens? When Obama issued the order, it means that anyone who wants to purchase a gun has to stand in line for a longer amount of time. The executive order not only closed the gun show loophole but also requires more background checks. This means a longer turn around time, every time someone wants to purchase a firearm.

With strict laws already in place, even before January of this year, why are more laws even necessary? In my opinion, they really are not. I know that some liberals are pushing for guns to be outlawed all together, they say only the police and military should have access to firearms. In my mind this is insane, the second amendment gives me the right to own guns. The argument is that guns are used for violence, like in school and other attacks which have blown up the media in the past few years. My thoughts on this is that while yes, these shootings are very tragic and wrong, it does not mean that the millions of law abiding citizens should give up their guns for the actions of a few. In fact there are an estimated 270 million guns in the United States today, only a small quantity of these guns are used in an unlawful way.

The other argument I see is that getting rid of guns will never solve violence. The American government has also outlawed a large amount of different drugs, but yet people are still getting a hold of them. The government has made them illegal but people can still access them, it’s the same thing with guns. You can ban guns but that doesn’t mean the wrong people can’t get ahold of them. It’s not the guns that are the problem, the people are the problem.

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