Ice Cream Days


As school winds down and the temperature heats up there is one thing that everyone will be gravitating to, ice cream. This sweet dairy treat is the fixation for some and on the minds of much more. Most people have had ice cream in their lives and most have also fallen in love with it too. Garett Wachal states with gusto that “everyone loves ice cream” a statement that all interviewees agreed with.

Dylan Brockhaus and Nolan Schad said that they, like most, love ice cream. Nolan even went as far as saying he is a self-proclaimed ice cream conasuar. This title grew out of memories that he has going to different ice cream shops with his mom and reviewing the establishment’s mint chip flavor, both Nolan and his mom’s favorite flavor. Dylan says that his favorite flavor is the All lovin’ no oven, which consists of cake batter ice cream topped with cookie dough, whipped cream, and hot fudge, from Cold Stone. Nolan and Dylan both agree that Cold Stone is the best and their favorite ice cream eatery.

Nolan and Dylan, when asked about some of their favorite memories with ice cream, were more than eager to share. Nolan says that he will always remember spilling chocolate ice cream all over the white floors of his kitchen when he was 6. Dylan says that his first memory of ice cream was when he got and ice cream cake from Garett’s own Dairy Queen on West O Street. Dylan also adds that he remembers always getting the pineapple whip and nitrogen frozen ice cream at the state fair. These odder ice cream treats show how ice cream can be very different. Haley Wineman even adds that she likes ice cream made with coconut milk the best.

Just like how everyone has different favorite flavors most people have a different thing they like about ice cream. It can be anything from Dylan’s favorite thing that is the “Creamy cold consistency that gives me a chill.” Nolan answered more expectedly saying that he likes that it “tastes good”. Even though everyone can’t agree on ice cream’s favorite trait or flavor, what they can agree on is that ice cream is always better when it’s from a store instead of from a tub or box from the home freezer.

Ice cream is something that creates memories and engraves those gone by. The sweet treat can bring a smile to a face whether it be a child’s first bite or a grandfather’s hundredth cone. It is something that transcends age barriers, being loved by all, and language and cultural barriers, as ice cream is a worldwide phenomenon. Dylan adds that “ice cream cones will never fail to bring a smile to my face and a warmth in my heart”. A love this deep for ice cream has been installed in most from a very small age part way because of some people like Nolan who says “every day’s an ice cream day”.

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