Kathy Campbell’s Legislature Seat Opening Up

Kathy Campbell is the current State legislator for Nebraska’s 25th district. She was elected to the unicameral legislature in 2009 and will be ending her term this year.. Which means that the seat is up for grabs. The 25th district includes northern Lancaster county, part of east Lincoln, Waverly, and Walton. A registered republican, Kathy has frequently taken moderate positions in the legislature, even pushing the expansion of Medicaid in NE under the Affordable Care Act.

Nebraska is unique, in terms of its state legislature, since it is the only state to have a unicameral legislature. A unicameral means that our legislature only has  one house. This house is composed of 49 senators making it the smallest in the entire country. With Kathy’s seat soon to be empty, five individuals are running to fill it. David Tagart, Dr. Dale Michels, Suzanne Geist, Jim Gordon and Dr. Les Spry.

David Tagart is a Lincoln attorney who is current CEO and founder of an agency serving developmentally disabled people.Tagart places high priority in expanding Medicaid because he believes lower-income families that have missed coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), need to be covered with this expansion Many of these families make enough to be ineligible for Obamacare, but too much to qualify for traditional Medicaid however, they cannot afford private insurance. Tagart would also like to shorten or eliminate mandatory sentences and add parole and pardons in their place to the system. David is a former Democratic candidate for state treasure but is now registered as a nonpartisan. He states that “ Like most Nebraskans, that would depends on the specific issue being discussed.”

Dr. Dale Michels resides in Walton and was a family physician for more than 40 years. He claims a unique understanding of our unicameral because he has serves as a volunteer physician-of-the-day for the legislative body and has testified at multiple hearings. As a registered republican and fiscal conservative Michels opposes the expansion of Medicaid because he think we can create a better and more efficient plan for people who really need it.

Suzanne Geist,the only female, announced back in September that she would be seeking election for Campbell’s seat. She is a small business owner and would like to “find policy solutions that reduce taxes, eliminate wasteful spending, improve education, fight crime and promote traditional family values.” A republican and a member of Lincoln Berean church she wants to give Lincolnites conservative and practical leadership that she believes they are looking for.

One of the two democrats running for Campbell’s seat is Jim Gordon. Jim has stated his priorities of providing law enforcement  with tools to crack down on illegal drugs and providing Nebraskans with property tax relief. Gordon is a Vietnam war veteran whose mother served in multiple roles at the State Capitol. He earned a law degree after returning from the war and thinks he will bring a willingness and ability to listen to what others have to say.

Dr. Les Spry is the fifth candidate running for the Nebraska state legislature. Spry is a former chief of staff at Saint Elizabeth’s Regional Medical Center and a practicing nephrologist(kidney specialist) here in town. Les wants to visit directly with voters, community groups and neighbors and believes he will provide “a strong background on a variety of medical issues”. Yet, a specific concern is foster care. He support the expansion of Medicaid under the ACA. Dr. Spry is a registered republican who would also consider himself a fiscal conservative.

Hopefully, this grants you a brief insight to the individuals running for Nebraska’s 25th district state legislature seat and helps you make an educated vote.



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