Local NE Bands

When people think of musical hotspots around America, many of them would not think of Nebraska. Although, Nebraska is home to and attracts many well known and new artists and bands. There is even a local music festival that is annually held in Omaha called Maha; it has brought in huge artists like Wavves, Modest Mouse, and Grimes in recent years. Mainly small bars and theaters the cities of Lincoln and Omaha are the primary venues that these acts come to, although they are starting to spread to other cities like Grand Island and Kearney. With all of this artist traffic through Nebraska coming from other states, or even other countries, it is easy to forget about all of the local bands that had their beginnings in Nebraska.
Twinsmith is one of these local bands. The four man group formed, lives, writes, and records their music in Omaha Nebraska. Within their music they incorporate a youthful feeling of wonder and exploration. Their lyrics tend to reflect on the highs and lows, advantages and disadvantages, hopes and fears of young adult life with crafty, modest, and unassuming depth. Not just any band can examine anxiety, uncertainty, and commitment through tales of savage girlfriends and zombie apocalypses with such confidence and assurance that consumers will still connect with their tunes.
Lot Walks is another local Omaha band. Many people in Nebraska and across the country first heard of Lot Walks in a Washington Post story about how Omaha’s indie rock saved part of the city. The Saddle Creek music label working with the Slowdown bar in Omaha helped generate 3.2 million dollars to stimulate Omaha urban economy and give back to the arts and music programs. The Lot Walks debut EP, “Tourist” will bring you to a warmer place during cold and rainy Nebraska days. They include sounds of surf guitar, catchy melodies and Jaiden Maneman’s tranquil vocals are like a taste of California rock reminiscent of the West Coast based but Omaha linked band Best Coast.
One of the more well known bands that hails from Omaha is that of Icky Blossoms. The three main members of the band wrote independently and then filtered songs back and forth through each other, creating a collage of tastes, genres and energies within each of their tracks. The band experimented with making electronics sound organic, and organic instruments feel electronic. Their music ranges from upbeat dance music like their chart topping song “Babes” to deeper and more lyrically meaningful melodies.
Lastly, one of the lesser known bands that also comes from Omaha is Eklektica. If you try and look them up, all you will find are show dates, no Facebook page, no videos on youtube, no reviews, no nothing. The only way to experience their music is to do it in person. The leading member, singer, and guitarist of Eklektica actually comes from the aforementioned band Icky Blossoms. Ryan Menchaca is the former drummer and backup vocalist for the neighboring Omaha band.
While these bands were taken from a pool of hundreds of local Nebraska bands, they reflect the overall quality and energy of those not mentioned. With their help, Nebraska is starting to put itself on the map when it comes to live music in America.

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