Senior Class Play: Diptopian Society

theatre curtain 3

Saturday April 30, a group of seniors came together to perform the play Diptopian Universe. Written and directed by senior Hallie Hohbein. The senior class started preparing for the performance in the beginning of March. After contributing/putting in hours of work between rehearsal and set building, it all lead to a successful show. Their hard work clearly paid off as the audience was filled with laughter.

Hallie used her writing skills to carefully construct scenes and dialogue pertaining to the topic of dystopian society. Using characters from book trilogies including, Hunger Games, Divergent and Uglies to mock the unrealistic expectations of living in such places. Throughout the play the main character Harvey, played by Corbyn Trumbley, goes through the oppressive society joining the revolution to try and..or…the revolutionaries trying to overthrow the government.  He joins forces with hunger games stars Katherine, known as Katniss, played by Kate Staab. Peter known as Peeta, played by Max McCoy and Gail, known as Gale, played by Mikaela Sorenson. In addition were the divergent characters, Trisha, or Tris in the movie, played by Haley Wineman and Toby or Tobias played by Hallie Hohbein. The actors often made reference to character flaws or plot holes in the books, making for an entertaining performance.

On the other side of the play there were the oppressive government officials who also came from the books. We had replicas of President Snow from the Hunger Games, Jeanine from Divergent and many more. Instead of the clíche book endings where the rebels win and the people are given freedom and choice, all of the rebels die. There is a third person that comes in, Oxy who is a robot, created by Dippy the dictator who has been dead for hundreds of years. When things start to get messy, she comes in to fill out the orders of Dippy and restore it back to the way he had intended. Some government officials die but some join Oxy, ending the play the exact opposite of any dystopian novel ever written, yet the most realistic one.

Between the creativity of the writer and energy of the cast this production turned out to be far better than anyone could have hoped. The mixture of drama students and inexperienced actors somehow was the perfect combination to pull off this performance.


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