The Final Days

With the year finally coming to a close, never mind the seniors haveing only a few remaining days, I asked a few of them how their time at Lincoln Lutheran was and how it will lead them through their lives.

Jon Green and Dylan Brockhaus have been two friends from the start of sixth. They came from two separate elementary schools, Jon from Campbell and Dylan from Messiah. As soon as they came to Lincoln Lutheran however, they became friends very quickly due to their interest in sports and stupid, fun activities.

One thing that Dylan said brought them together was Middle School football. “When you spend hours a day with a person it is kinda hard to not know them well” Dylan said referring to Jon, “I am glad I got to know him so well.” Seven years later, in their senior year, the two are still very close with a small group of guys which include Nolan Schad, Ben Downing, and Luke Hamann just to name a few.

When I asked Jon how he felt about his friend group his eyes lit up. He said that he has “some great friends” and that they have been a big influence on him. As much of the current senior class remembers, some of them had a difficult sophomore year, losing two close friends in the grade above. “Friends are really important” Jon states in reference to his current friend group, “they help you through the hard times, but they get to celebrate with you in the good ones.”

It has been a long road for the class of 2016, with four years of high school now under their belt, as well as three years of middle school and another six or so before that. They seem eager to graduate and finally move on, but of course some of it will be a shock to the graduates. Dylan said that he is “very excited and nervous to be going on a new journey in [his] life.” That is the same reaction that I received from others as well, or at least a mix between that and an overwhelming urge to get out of this school. One of those people, Nolan Schad, said, “I am really excited, and I just really want to be done with school.” And that is completely fair, after almost a decade of repeated actions for 180 days each school year, it would show that a person can get bored of what is in store, even when they know it is good for them.

Nevertheless, college will be a new adventure for the class of 2016 (soon to be the class of 2020) and though they will always to be able to look back at their high school experience, some happier than others, there will always be a new adventure ahead for them to explore. So celebrate the last few days seniors, because soon you wont be able to go back, but then again that may be the best news you heard all day.

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