2016 Fall Booster Bash

Lincoln Lutheran held their annual Fall Booster Bash Friday, August 19 to introduce the upcoming fall sports of the school year. I had the opportunity to talk with Kristin Bennett who serves as Recruiting Coordinator/Development Assistant about what exactly booster bash is, why Lincoln Lutheran hosts the event, the preparation needed both before and during, and who and what is involved behind the scenes in putting it together to make it successful.

Booster bash is Lincoln Lutheran’s way of kicking off the school year and fall activities. Most schools do some sort of kick off to the school year, however it differs from school to school. According to Bennett “by hosting this event it allows for students, parents, teachers, grandparents, and anyone else involved in the Warrior community to see both our middle and high school kids participate in their fall activities.” Both the middle and high school volleyball teams and the varsity and JV football teams scrimmage. In addition, the Lincoln Lutheran cheer and dance team perform.

This successful event has been going on for many years at Lincoln Lutheran and throughout the years “the event attendance has increased” according to Bennett. She tells us the number participants and students involved will bring a larger attendance. Additionally, if there is a ribbon cutting, or special projects the school has, the turnout is more successful. This year Lincoln Lutheran finished a major science room renovation project which certainly drew people to the event. You can read more about the science renovation project here 

Booster Bash may be great to attend, but it take a great amount of time and people for preparation. Bennett says “Mr. Brase begins planning the Booster Bash early in the summer.” Mr. Joel Brase is the Athletics Director and Vice Principal at Lincoln Lutheran. It comes to no surprise as to why preparation is started so early. Bennett explained that in order to make the night successful “the food has to be decided then prepared, volunteers are needed to run the score boards and serve meals. Each coach needs to be contacted so that they are prepared to introduce their teams, and there’s always a back plan incase the weather doesn’t cooperate” This year Lincoln Lutheran even had to refer to their back plan for the football scrimmage because they got rained out that evening. Instead, the team had their scrimmage Saturday, August 20, where people were invited to come watch. Since many families were eager to get a glimpse at the football team, there was a large turnout for the scrimmage that following morning.

In addition, all the staff and teachers are involved in this event. Bennett informed us “each teacher is requested to show their support by attending the night. Some even help set up the sound system, while others help volunteer, or help students take pictures to help capture the night. The administrative team is also required to attend. Also, each team’s coach and assistants are to attend along with the players. The entire kitchen staff stays to help cook the food and get the set up ready. The office staff helps print materials, contact volunteers, answer phone calls and notify the Warrior Community about the event.” All this is required in order to make the booster bash successful and let people get the most out of the night as intended. It is evident that all this work pays off too because the majority of people who come enjoy the event.

Along with Kristin, I also spoke with Seniors Cassie Shambaugh-Miller, and Julia Bloom about their thoughts on Booster bash since both participate in the bash each year. Cassie is introduced on the Cross Country team and Julia performs on the cheer team. Shambaugh-Miller says “Booster bash is a good way to start the fall actives of the year. I enjoy watching the teams play and perform and also like to see everyone introduced on each team.” Similarly, Bloom stated “I enjoy performing and seeing other teams perform and scrimmage. It gives everyone a chance to get a glimpse of what the fall sports are going to be like in the coming season. Also, the food is always good.” Students along with staff think the event is worth having and is a good way to start of the year. It gives everyone a chance to get a glimpse of Lincoln Lutheran and who and what is involved each activity.


Families enjoy coming to this event each year. Bennett says one of her favorite parts, along with seeing the introductions and the cheer and dance teams perform, is the end. She “loves watching families leave happy and excited for the upcoming seasons. It makes Booster Bash worth continuing.” Though there is a lot of hard and long work put into this event each year, the Lincoln Lutheran community enjoys it, and families’ reactions are worth it in the end.