Lincoln Lutheran’s Homecoming 2016

Lincoln Lutheran’s students are excitedly waiting to participate this Homecoming party this September. This party will be celebrated at the school with lots of food and good music. Students can go with a friend or a date; they can dance together at the Homecoming celebration, and girls always want to have the best looks in home coming so finding cute HOCO dresses for sale online is essential for this day.

I recently interviewed a Lincoln Lutheran Junior and Senior about their thoughts and feelings about the upcoming Homecoming and they gave me many humorous responses.

Homecoming is a big deal because it is an extravagant evening in which we are required to wear formal attire and allowed top dance the night away in the school gym. The whole week before Homecoming is spent building up our school spirit for the football game and dance. It also builds our excitement for the year to come.

Lincoln Lutheran has a Homecoming party every year. This is a special event for Lincoln Lutheran students. When starting the new school year, students are eagerly anticipating Homecoming every September. Why are they excited? Because Homecoming is a party for all Lincoln Lutheran High School students. Here, they can make a new friend, dance with their friends, and enjoy the food and festivities, etc.

A few days ago, I had interviewed a Lincoln Lutheran student about Homecoming. Cassie Shambaugh-Miller told me about the Homecoming and her feelings about her last Homecoming in high school. Lincoln Lutheran has a lot of reason to celebrate, but students are most excited for Homecoming because this is the first party of the school year. Students with friends and dates hand-in-hand will dance the night away at the Homecoming celebration. They told me they were really excited for the dance portion of this party. They have the best DJ and they hoped the music would be really good. Moreover, they can go to the party with friends or a date. Cassie Shambaugh-Miller told me she “enjoys hanging out with her friends and getting ready together beforehand.” She will wear a dress for this party and I cannot wait to see her. For Carol Nabity (Senior), she told me she “received an invitation from her date to go to Homecoming.” It surely was an amazing thing.

When I asked the student about how Lincoln Lutheran’s Homecoming is different from other high schools they had almost the same answer. They said: “It’s a very formal dress code, good music. They turn off the lights when we dance and all the people are especially friendly”. All of these different things allow Lincoln Lutheran’s student to have a comfortable and enjoyable time at the party.

A week before Homecoming is a mighty busy week for students. During the week, they need to complete their homework to be for ready the party on the weekend. Moreover, they have many things to do such as buy dress or suit and tie, apply makeup and get their hair done, etc.They had many things to do but they didn’t feel tired, they just feel expected to their Homecoming party.      

In school, the students vote for Homecoming King and Queen. But some people say Homecoming King and Queen are meaningless titles. I asked her about this. Cassie Shambaugh-Miller said “I agree with this. But I don’t think anyone cares about that.” I agree with her; I don’t think the Homecoming King and Queen are important. The important part is the friendship of all senior students, the feeling and thinking of everyone for senior students. Carol Nabity had other ideas, she said: “The Homecoming King and Queen aren’t meaningless titles because it shows whose people’s favorites and nicest people in our class.” But this is not really important for the students in Lincoln Lutheran school because almost all of them said: “ We don’t care about this title; the thing we care is the Homecoming party”.

For Lincoln Lutheran students, Homecoming week is an exciting week. Students dress up to go to school. Each day of the week will have a different theme. Past year’s themed clothes included: Twin Day, Pajama Day, 60’s Day, Husker Day, all pink, American Spirit Day, etc. But this not really same for every year because each year will change the theme following the topic of school. Students have most excited about the Pajama Day, Nghi Tran (senior) said: “I like Pajama day the most because that day I can wear Pajama to go to school, it so comfortable”. Mia Luong (sophomore) told me she like the “All Pink day” because she likes pink. However, most students love the Twin Day, that day really wonderful due to you can see many group or twain wears same the clothes.


This year is the last homecoming for senior students, so they are feeling moody. It can be said most senior student feeling sad for the last Homecoming because this is the last party they can join with all student and teacher of Lincoln Lutheran school. For Cassie, the homecoming is the last one her class will have together with all student in Lincoln Lutheran school. All in all, it was a night I think everyone never forgets and never regrets.