New Year, New Family

And another year begins. School is finally back into swing again. People are dressing up for homecoming week. First tests have been taken and graded. But like every year, there are a few changes that make this year different from the rest.

Lincoln Lutheran has welcomed four new teachers this year; Mrs. Winter, Mrs. Stoll, Mrs. Hamann, and Mr. Kristalyn. For those students that don’t have these teachers, Mrs. Winter is the career and keyboard teacher. Mrs. Stoll is the new art teacher. Mrs. Hamann teaches 6th grade math and science. Mr. Kristalyn teachers journalism and English for 7th, 8th, and 11th graders. Now that they have finally settled into the Lincoln Lutheran community, it is time to get to know them.

hamanMrs. Hamann is an alum of Lincoln Lutheran. “It is fun to come back and be a teacher where you use to be a student. I get to call my former teachers by their first names.” She couldn’t be happier teaching 6th graders. “They constantly are making me laugh and making me love my job more and more each day.” Mrs. Hamann is the 6th grade math teacher but math wasn’t always her best subject. “Math was hard for me, but Lincoln Lutheran has such devoted teachers who wanted you to succeed and they would encourage you and spend extra time helping you understand the concepts.” She wants to make her students feel the same way. “I hope to instill a love of math and science in my 6th graders. I hope that they walk away from my class with new knowledge and love of learning.”

stollMrs. Stoll is not only a teacher but also a professional photographer. And it is no surprise that her favorite class when she was a student was art. Mrs. Stoll might be like many students when she says she wants to survive. It’s her first year teaching and wants to make sure she gets through it. “Also to grow the art department but getting more students interested in taking art!” Mrs. Stoll enjoys many aspects of teaching but one stands out the most. “I really enjoy seeing growth and watching the excitement and pride on students’ faces when they finish a project!”

kMr. Kristalyn has never actually taught journalism before but so far he seems to be doing very well. But success in teaching journalism is not his first focus. “My primary hope for the year is that students and parents can see Christ living in me.” For those who have met Mr. K, that is clear to see. Many may  also see how important relationships are for him. His favorite thing about teaching is “building relationships with students.” Mr. Kristalyn is inspired by one of his own teachers that was a “real, vulnerable teacher, Mr. Lind.” To those of you who have had any contact with Mr. Kristalyn you can see he also works to inspire his students.

winterMrs. Winter was drawn to Lincoln Lutheran by “the Christian education.” But now that she is here, “the Christ-centered atmosphere and the unity among the staff” is what stands out. If you are still struggling with Canvas, Mrs Winter is in the same boat. “Me and Canvas are not friends at this point. My goal is to understand and use it to its full potential in order it benefit the students.” Winter says that she is different from other teachers because she is starting her career later. “I always wanted to be a teacher but was talked out of it.” Now she is fulfilling that want and “couldn’t be happier.”

But not only has the staff changed, there are other expectations that the school must live up to as well. Mr. Ernstmeyer had some great highlights last year with the baptisms of a few of our Vietnamese students and getting the science renovation fully funded before construction began. He had some new expectations for this year, “I hope we can have some more baptisms! And not have a big construction project.” He is looking forward to seeing how “the new science classroom and Guidance Center will allow staff to do more with students.” This school year has kicked off very well. “It has been an awesome start to the year! We are blessed with a great staff.”

School is fully back in swing with homecoming this week. This school year has come with many new things, teachers and renovations, but it is still the same school. Lincoln Lutheran still has that community, it has just added new members.