Science on a Whole New Level

As the 2016-2017 school year is well underway, the newly renovated science rooms at Lincoln Lutheran are being fully utilized. While students were busy enjoying their summers, construction crews were working on the $615,000 renovation project to improve outdated science rooms.

Lincoln Lutheran is a college prepatory school, so it is important for the school to stay up to date with teaching methods. This way the school is able to provide the best possible education, and better equip students for their college experience. With this in mind, the science room renovations were deemed essential for this process. Now that the renovations are done and the rooms are in use, the Lincoln Lutheran community is anxious to see how the renovation will help the science program now and in years to come.

The two renovated science spaces are already bettering the learning atmosphere for high school students. Specifically, Mr. Deeter’s new separate lecture and lab rooms are providing more space for students to work during class. In the lab room each table has access to water, electricity, and gas. This makes it easier on students while doing lab work. Students don’t have to worry about moving stuff around, and they can focus their time and effort more on their lab experiments. Senior Cassie Shambaugh-Miller who is currently taking advanced chemistry can attest to this “the renovation and new equipment really help when doing experiments. It helps to make our data more accurate.”

Not only is the renovation improving the student experience, it is helping the two high school science teachers immensely. Along with the renovation, the high school science teachers were able to purchase items that revamped their teaching methods. Mr. Deeter said “my favorite part of the renovation was all of the new technology I was able to buy, that was one of the most exciting things for me.” Hopefully with all of this new technology, students will be able to learn at a much faster pace and with more advanced subjects than in years prior.

Looking towards years ahead, the renovations are expected to improve the atmosphere and student experience. Executive Director Scott Ernstmeyer said this about what he believes the renovation will do in the future “I think it gives students an opportunity to be exposed to experiences and resources that they would get to be apart of in college and in future careers.” With the number of Lincoln Lutheran alumni who have gone into a science based career. Because of that this renovation will indeed help current students interested in science based careers to be exposed to what their career may entail in their future.