Don’t Forget Your Cans!

Get your cans ready to donate, because next week Lincoln Lutheran’s annual Food Drive accelerates into action! Student Council is hosting Lincoln Lutheran’s annual Food Drive from October 12-26. The Food Drive gives the Lincoln Lutheran community a chance to help people in need and provide them with food. I had a chance to speak with Ms. Bockelman, Staff Supervisor for Student Council, Lydia Asplin, Vice President of Student Council, and Amber LeGrande, annual participant providing food throughout her time at Lincoln Lutheran

Though the Food Drive may be a lot of work to put on, everyone I talked with raves about its benefits. Ms. Bockelman enjoys the Food Drive because “It gives us a chance to bring awareness to the hunger that is happening in our own backyards here in Nebraska, specifically Lincoln. As well as donating all the food; It connects us as a community.”

Similarly, LeGrande says, “I think the Food Drive is a really good thing because we are gathering food for families in our community that don’t have enough money to buy food to eat. I know that there are way more starving people in our community than we think, and when we host a Food Drive we are helping our community come together and provide for those that are going hungry.” Both Ms. Bockelman and LeGrande see this as a chance for Lincoln Lutheran to reach out and better unite our community.

Preparation for the Food Drive begins with Student Council and NHS members traveling to the Lincoln Food Bank to kick off the event. At the Food Bank, students “…learn about huger within the community and the realities of some peoples lives,” Asplin tells us. Additionally, she says, “Student Council also has to plan appropriate dates and pick up supplies like the barrels for the food donations to be put into.” To help motivate students, Student Council also “…helps make posters, spread awareness, and encourages the student body to participate in the event.” Hours of time and preparation are spent in order to make the Food Drive successful and as beneficial to the community as possible.

unknown-1In order to get more people to be involved, the Advisory Period (AP) and Access groups at Lincoln Lutheran will be competing for a prize to see who can bring in the most cans and non-perishable food items as possible. With the donations each group brings in, they are to then create a sculpture that will later be judged for the prize. After the competitions between AP and Access groups are over, Student Council then counts and weighs the donated items to determine a winner. This is also when we discover how much was donated as a whole. LeGrande who has been involved in annual competition said, “I have participated in a food drive by bringing cans of vegetables, soups, and boxes of mac & cheese to school.” Since there is a designated place to put the food items in each AP, it isn’t an inconvenience for those who do participate to bring in food, and the amount of items LeGrande has brought in the past is an excellent example of this.

The Food Drive each year is a great way for Lincoln Lutheran to become more involved in the community. Despite the time and preparation needed, the purpose of the Food Drive makes up for it because by bringing in just one non-perishable food item, that is one less person hungry. Start collecting your non perishable food items, because the time to serve begins now.