Beyond These Walls: Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Team started Fall of 2014 when the current seniors were sophomores, the freshmen were 7th graders, and the 6th graders were just babies in 4th grade. It is not very old but in its few years of existence, it has made an impact. There are many reasons to volunteer with the Community Outreach Team.

Mr. Stoltenow started this team “because we spend a good of deal time focusing on ourselves because of our human nature.” He also noticed that many students, looking to fulfill service hour requirements, didn’t look outside the school to serve. “Many times people will not think outside these school walls unless given an opportunity.” It is easy to serve by volunteering at the concession stand but that is just keeping the service inside our school. One of the goals of the Community Outreach Team is to help the community outside of our little school.

Over the past few years, the team has helped at 32 different events, not including this year. A couple of events that have happened this year were Streets Alive and distributing food at Jacob’s Well. Jasmine Scott, a senior, volunteered at Streets Alive. She helped kids jump rope at a fitness station. “I liked the community outreach event because I got to serve with Rachel instead of by myself.” This is one of the great reasons to help with the Outreach Team, you get to serve alongside friends. You get to work with your friends to make the community around you better. Also it is a great opportunity to get to know peers from Lincoln Lutheran who volunteer for the same event.

Another reason to help with the Community Outreach Team is because events are already planned. “It was super easy to get organized. They already had all the information together about where to go and what to do,” said sophomore Allie Shambaugh-Miller. Because the events are planned ahead for you, all you have to do is sign up. She doesn’t understand why more people don’t volunteer. But what confuses her more is that people would sign up and then not show up. She helped with the trip to Jacob’s Well by bagging apples and then passing them out to those standing in line.  She also helped by assisting those who could not carry items by themselves.

Serving at a few Community Outreach events can take care of those required service hours but there are more reasons to volunteer as well. It can give you the opportunity to know more of your fellow students. But more importantly, it gives you a great platform to love those in your community who you don’t regularly meet. It can help you reach beyond these walls with the love of Christ.

The next opportunities to serve will be October 15th where you will be helping with Habitat for Humanity. And the other is on the 22nd at the City Mission. Sign up on the board by the bathrooms upstairs before the spots are full.