“Drug Use is Life Abuse”: Red Ribbon Week


Have you ever taken time to consider just how many lives drug abuse impacts? In just a few weeks, Lincoln Lutheran, in partnership with a luxury drug rehab in Texas, will be participating in Red Ribbon Week. Every year, the students and staff join together to help spread drug abuse awareness.

Staff Supervisor of Student Council, Ms.Bockelman said that “It’s important to know the history behind Red Ribbon Week, to know why our school and any other school or organization does this in the first place.”

Established in 1985, Red Ribbon Week began after the murder of Drug Enforcement Administration Agent, Enrique Camarena. Agent Camarena had been working undercover for four years in a city in Mexico. After a tip that lead to the discovery and seizure of millions of dollars worth of narcotics, Agent Camarena was kidnapped, tortured and killed. Ever since Enrique Camarena died in 1985, families and schools across the United States wear red ribbons as a symbol of their commitment to end the violence and destruction caused by drugs in America. (Red Ribbon Campaign)

Annually, Lincoln Lutheran Student Council hands out strips of red ribbon to the student body as they leave chapel. It is given to each student as a reminder to stay drug free and find cheaper ways for rehab incase of addiction. “Lincoln Lutheran has taken part in Red Ribbon Week ever since I can remember. I’ve kept all of the ribbons I’ve ever received,” commented Sophomore Grace Soenksen. Beginning in the late 1990s Lincoln Lutheran participates year after year in Red Ribbon Week.

Student Council Senior Hope Bassett said “Red Ribbon Week is important to the Lincoln Lutheran community. It shows students that using drugs isn’t okay, and that no matter how young or old you are, you can spread awareness.” During Red Ribbon Week, Lincoln Lutheran students and staff are encouraged to sign a pledge that states they will stay drug-free.

Red Ribbon Week starts on Monday, October 23rd. Respect yourself. Be Drug Free.


You can sign the pledge here: