“We Cry Out: A Generation Seeks Him”

On Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lincoln Lutheran students came to school a little bit early Wednesday morning, but, instead of heading to class, they gathered around the flagpoles to pray.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
That one day of prayer became a global event that occurs on the fourth Wednesday of every September and includes millions of students, teachers, staff, and community members worldwide. This year is the 26th year of the
See You At The Pole event, which students across America and around the world gathered before school hours, Wednesday morning to publicly pray. The prayer initiative began as a movement in 1990, in public schools that didn’t allow prayer. Some Christians saw public schools as hostile to Christian students. Therefore, a small group of teenagers in Burleson, Texas, came together to pray and to seek God. It has since grown into an international phenomenon, giving young people the opportunity to express their Christian faith.

Fimg_2031reshman Laney Mason expressed, “I think it was a cool thing the whole school did together. It is a great example of what a Christian community can do. Joining hands in the name of Jesus Christ is good under any circumstances. But, when we lift up others in praying, it’s even more awesome.” She enjoyed praying as a community for family, friends, school, and nation.

According to Mrs. Stoll, a teacher at Lincoln Lutheran, the morning was a success. She mentions, “I think it’s extremely important that we pray for our student body and pray for our schools in particular. I joined in the prayers that others were praying for our community and for our nation. I prayed silently for the upcoming election and for our nation.” It is important for her to pray to God and stand up for the flag flying on top of that pole on it blew with the wind, so the prayers will be uplifted to God for Him to take the suffering and problems far away.

Mr. Stoltenow stated that prayer is important to every single Christian as well. To prove the importance of prayer, he shared a personal story “My father gave me an important perspective one time when I was praying to God about a major life issue. I needed to make a decision that affected my entire future and I was praying to God. My dad said, ‘God is not there to grant this wish or that question. He’s there to be your heavenly father and remind you that His presence can be felt in your past, present and future.’ And, that presence is felt through prayer.” The prayer is one’s lifeline of communication with the maker of the universe. One’s prayer is brought before God. It is imperative to talk with God – not for is sake but our own.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
A prayer is like a remedy, so one person can change another person, and that person can change someone else until a community is reached. Then the community reaches the state, the state reaches the nation, and the nation changes the world.